August 1st, 2024

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    Is this about Airplanes or the Internets? You decide.

    August 1st, 2024


    This would be it, my last intentional post on the BlogHer experience. I was a 10 percenter. Wherever I went at Blogher, I could look around and count 90% women, 10% men… except my hotel room. There it was 50/50. In the Geeks ‘r Us session, one of the discussion leaders looked around and said, there are a lot of men in the room. Eye of the beholder stuff… I did the count… five out of fifty. As the room filled further it went up to seven out of seventy plus. At the closing keynote there was a slightly higher percentage of men, but I think it was a husband effect.

    I wish I had more time to spend with the people at BlogHer. There were hundreds of interesting folks there and I probably got to say hello to less than 10 percent of them. I’ve already listed and linked to women I met, and tried to communicate the warmth I felt for most of them. This is the guy post.

    I met Bill Humphries, a former Madisonian who knows Dorothea. I think Bill would be fun to sit around and laugh with, but we met between sessions and I was on a mission and my usual INTJ thing cloaked my presence better than the Harry Potter invisibility thing. I have a hard time meeting new people but I push myself through it because who knows, maybe in eight or ten years they won’t be new people anymore and we can sit down and have a few laughs. Take George Kelly… same awkward arc. George and Bill were both personable and pleasant. I was wooden. Oh well.

    I met Robert Scoble for the first time and was impressed by his warmth, something that I don’t always get from his blogging. I also shared a few funny moments with Dave Winer. Dave’s observation about what men and women have in common had me confused about whether it was politically correct to laugh! Dave and I have Berkeley and Madison in common and after about three years of meeting each other from time to time at events like this, we’ve developed a positive feeling for each other, call it friendship. Dave introduced me to J. Craig Williams and Chris Carfi, who I believe has commented here before.

    I shared a table for a while with J.D. Lassica, and I recognized Stowe Boyd and Mark Canter among the folks circulating here and there. I SAW Guy Kawasaki, but lacking a business plan with a reasonable burn rate I didn’t introduce myself.

    I can turn now to Holly’s photo set to refresh my memory… and oh yeah, duhh… Phil Wolff and Steve Garfield were there and I chatted with them and got a picture of Steve and his mom.

    Short term memory hasn’t been a strong point for me since early 1967, so if I’ve left anybody off, please don’t be offended.

    August 1st, 2024

    Not everybody reads The Daily News

    Dean shares some thoughts on the blogger as Bushnell…

    There’s everything to like about her, most particularly how she took hold of blogging to express herself and futher her career.

    What struck me was the pure and utter PR flackery, how they chose to use blogging as a centerpiece, and yet in many ways this woman is not your run of the mill average blogospheric type…rather, she might be held in contempt (or at least low regard) politically by some of the more vocal righteous my-life-as-a-blog types.

    I love the PR twist, and I really like her whole manner, oeuvre, content, etc.

    It just struck me as hysterical that Jarvis is quoted, the blogosphere credited, and that the twist, the spin, is blogging. This seems the opposite of how the born again word of mouth (what a discovery!) PR will save our souls new-to-the-party (but now self appointed to issue invitations and declare who is and isn’t A-List) disciples would attack such a project. They’d be too busy anointing themselves as super cool clued-in blogsmiths to handle, much less position and promote Stephanie’s project.


    August 1st, 2024

    Quick Molly Bloom Update

    She’s doing better. After getting rolled under the ambulance on June 22nd, suffering major deep lacerations, bruises, abrasions, and a broken hip, Molly is returning to her normal irrepressibility. This is not all a good thing since she still needs time to heal the hip. Chasing rabbits may slow her recovery. When we returned from vacation and picked her up from the kennel, she was using all four feet, something she simply didn’t do a week earlier when we dropped her off at the kennel. Even so, she mostly favors the right rear leg, and has learned the three legged farm dog gait. I hope another month of recovery will have her back on all four all the time.

    * * *

    In other Molly Bloom news, there’s a beauty of a new blog by Molly Ditmore of Molly Golightly that I’ll be following… Molly Bloom knows style. I wonder if she’ll eventually integrate StyleFeeder and get Halley some ROI for all the BlogHer schwag. But no, StyleFeeder is still part of the TopTenSources bonfire. As the touts at TechHunch point out, it isn’t really monetized yet.

    August 1st, 2024

    mother/daughter super-glue

    (dexterity 3 jury-rig 3; I roll 20s.)
    ((Nerd alert))

    ’s a pity my favorite mommy blogger wasn’t at the gathering.

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