June 30th, 2024

Interesting times…

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  • Dean's DestinyI don’t think I can handle too many more weeks like this. Michelle’s death cast a pall, and the dog’s injury hurt. Dean’s kitty died… good-bye Destiny. BloggerCon left me conflicted as usual. I saw Steve, the Ookles guy, and asked after a mutual friend… got a strange off-key answer… still don’t know what Ookles does, either.

    Today Dave Winer reports that Bob Wyman’s company, PubSub, is coming apart. I think there have to be a thousand train wrecks for every winner. There was talk today also about Bob’s criticisms of Dave in the polling versus pinging argument and Dave’s problems getting his prototypes to scale up into large production systems, and like clockwork, Dave reported that the OPML server sucked right now, but he hoped bringing another online would solve the problem.

    I hope Bob can dust himself off and get back on the horse. Maybe Technorati could engage him as a consultant right now!

    We’re essentially out of oil, sliding down the increasing slope of the diminishing supply curve in a time of rapidly broadening global demand. The corporations are embarrassingly open about the massive fraud they perpetrate from energy and financial services rip-offs to the theft of $200 billion of tax money that was supposed to fund broadband access in America. Rove’s wedge-issue politics continue to trump truth and reason and the administration can whine about journalist’s discovery of SWIFT transaction monitoring when it’s old news and not particularly meaningful… and whatever happened to the Plame game? And Jessica Lynch? And Terry Schiavo?

    I dropped off the board of a local non-profit this week… the president and I have nothing in common except our pig-headedness, and she’s the sparkplug of the outfit. Felt like a failure, none-the-less. There’s a hundred stories in the naked country, most of them boring as watching corn grow.

    Tomorrow I will drive the tractor north from Mueller Implements to White Cedar farm where I will mow weeds. As the years pass, the mowing leaves me with more and more grasses and fewer and fewer noxious weeds, so it’s not all bad. While I’m mowing Beth will strip our little dwarf sour cherry tree and in the afternoon we’ll make a cherry pie if the birds have left us any. The dog has a week of healing under her collar and she’s spending more time out in her kennel, climbing stairs by herself, and while still visibly mangled and dragging her right rear foot, her irrepressible personality has resurfaced and she’s spending a lot of time smiling and wiggle-waggling.

    Maybe best of all, memer and McD, (and Mr. Follymacher himself)are going all out gaming Technorati on my behalf. No, the upbeat dog is the best part, but the ‘rati games rank right up there. :-)

    June 30th, 2024

    Treaty of Tripoli

    Good news!  This just in from our ambassador to the lands of the profit…

    Art. 11. As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquillity, of Mussulmen; and, as the said States never entered into any war, or act of hostility against any Mahometan nation, it is declared by the parties, that no pretext arising from religious opinions, shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.

    June 30th, 2024

    I be me…

    rambling through UBUWEB, ever grateful to wood s lot for leading me through excerpts and links

    am I the man with the perpetual Quigley? I have a genre busting suggestion - not every allusion in every post I write needs a fucking link, not every stolen image needs an acknowledgement. Neither great literature nor lit of the more punk-ass variety carries within it the foot-notification of every conceit.

    Nerve Personals did so well they sold the whole thing to some massive national service not long ago and it immediately got sucked into a vortex of horrible design and mediocre verbiage and was crossbred with a thousand other tepid, unhip dating sites and it instantly lost roughly 82 percent of its coolness, and now appears to be Match.com for easily drunk twentysomethings who’ve been to Burning Man once and read a lot of David Sedaris and really, really like cats.

    June 29th, 2024

    Wild Horses

    I googled Robin Kaelber… though she died before the web was born. When they killed JFK, I was in the Rathskellar, “the Rat.” I interrupted a chess game to check the TV news nearby. “That’s politics,” I said. People had a hard time measuring my depth from that statement. The consensus was “shallow.” “Heartless” and “immature” were close behind. “Perceptive” wasn’t even on the list. When they killed John-John to shut down George magazine… well, only a handful of memesters, propagandists, and zany conspiracy theorists were even looking in that direction. Lakoff would likely understand. Maybe not, for no grants nor tenure lie on that rocky ground.

    A riderless horse, boots reversed… a pale horse…

    art for goodness sake…

    ***************************** INVEST IN ART *******************************

    **DO NOT EMAIL, PLEASE … PHONE PHILIP at (510)-395-7814

    $350.00 FIRM







    If you find the triptych let me know. I could use it for a butterfly effect. So much love, so long gone. We were talking about depression - quite distinct from this sadness I feel. The dog wiggled her butt tonight - lacking a tail that’s what she does - and I was reminded that we heal. That little butt wiggle probably set air in motion that will cause a typhoon in mandalay, but what do I care? i’m here now. But depression is a low place from which the exit is not obvious, a black hole - gravity sucking light down into its event horizon, letting nothing escape until finally not even a team of wild horses could drag you back and the only option really is to just sit there in front of the computer, unaware of what your fingers will look like on the keyboard if you choose not to move.

    Siddhartha, hermits, sitars tuned too tight, too slack, life ends in death no shortcut no exit no exit-the-squid is the premier model organism for studying the nervous system and has spawned discoveries … 100 times the size of a human axon, the squid’s axon is roughly a millimeter in diameter and the largest nerve fiber on Earth the Man-O-War gets its name from the float, colonial polyps are attached to the underside of the bladder for digestion and reproduction, with very long tentacles ( sometimes up to 32 feet ) extending Man-O-Wars [not men-o-war] are hermaphrodites; the fertilized egg develops into a planktonic larval form Man-O-War’s main food consists of surface plankton, although it can also take larger prey tentacles have stinging cells capable of killing poison secreted causes respiratory problems and muscle weakness sting … extremely painful … incapacitating … fatal … Man O’ War easily drew away in the final quarter-mile to defeat the Triple Crown champion by 7 lengths … undefeated season of 11 straight wins, the superstar horse was shipped to Faraway Farm “Here it comes, here it comes, here it comes, here it comes…”

    Well when you’re sitting back in your rose pink Cadillac
    Making bets on Kentucky Derby Day
    Ah, I’ll be in my basement room with a needle and a spoon
    And another girl can take my pain away

    the tongue in the cavity of our mouth is - a gesture of an armless dancer, twirling the air, like a gaseous, dancing veil; as they fly off to the sides, the tips of the veil tickle the larynx; and - out comes a dry, aery, quick “h,” pronounced like the Russian “kh” takh me dawn liggle thujee takh me dawn…

    June 29th, 2024


    Howz’at song go?  “Twenty years of blogging and they put you on the A-list…”

    June 29th, 2024

    The groom wears the clean bowling shirt…

    Madison landscaping, courtesy of Henry.

    June 29th, 2024

    For Dean…

    This has been a hell of a week… this kitty made me think of you. I thought of you on Saturday too, when I met Om who sends his fellow Yankee fan regards. (Photo credit: Henry, aka Kerr Mudgeon)

    June 29th, 2024


    Life is sad, life is a bust
    All you can do is do what you must
    You do what you must do, and you do it well
    I’d do it for you, honey baby can’t you tell?

    June 28th, 2024


    GOODRICH, Michelle Elizabeth
    Born November 21, 1953. Entered into rest on June 25, 2024. She is survived by her loving Rob Wooliscroft, and her daughters Karyn (Mike Wilbur) and Lanissa (Willie Spencer). Grandmother of Nathan, Anna, Samuel, Abby, Sara and Ryan. She was a generous and talented person who was many things to many people. “Michelle” to her friends, “Micki” to those who knew her longest, “Grandma Micki” to the grandbabies and “Mandarin Meg” to bloggers worldwide. She started her career with the State of California, and this career path led to her passion for the web and helping thousands create their sites. She was known throughout the world for her helpful tips and assistance on her Mandarinde sign.com. Michelle loved to create things - whether a blog, a painting or music. She was an avid gardener who could and would make everything grow. There was no need to call a florist, as you could go pick in her garden. She never turned away from a stranger and was always friendly and helpful. She would give you all she had to give at any time. She was truly loved and will be deeply missed. Family and friends are invited to attend funeral services on Friday, June 30, 2024 at 3:00 PM at River Cities Funeral Chapel, 910 Soule Street, West Sacramento, CA. 95691. There is no “Lieu of flowers”, Mom just loved flowers too much.
    Published in the Sacramento Bee on 6/28/2006.

    Rest in peace, Mandarin meg


    Thanks to shirl for transcribing this into the comments on meg’s last post.

    June 28th, 2024


    My motto as I live and learn is: dig and be dug in return. — Langston Hughes*

    My blogroll serves other purposes besides weighting down the right sidebar… one, it reminds me where to go to read good stuff; two, it reminds other people where to go to read good stuff; three, it serves as a hat tip to those listed - an acknowledgement that I think they’re good; four, it serves as a quid pro quo - you link me and I’m likely to link you, unless your stuff just sucks.

    Over the years, my blogroll has grown so long that it’s nearly unmanageable. Wordpress, for all it’s wonderfulness, doesn’t provide a superficial way to be flexible in the way I want to bend to present my blogroll. Deeper down, in the sparkis and crackles within the electronics driven by arcane PHP scripts and CSS, zooming in on the paths of elexctrons racing across the printed circuits, looking in my minds eye for all the world like a high tech Stupor Bowl advertisement, I know there is a way to do just what I want to do, to display everybody, to manage a huge list, to suppress titles as well as content (see my empty “Sandhill OPML” container in the right sidebar).

    When I imported my blogroll to Wordpress I used the highly touted OPML export function at Blogrolling dot com. Four times. Each of the first three times the list processed down to an item that had some content that made the processing terminate. When finally I figured out to delete that item, the whole list processed nicely and i was left with a database containing oodles of duplicates and a totally slow links editor that makes deleting each item i want to delete a time consuming chore. And no thank you to the suggestion that maybe I should just dig into the MySQL database with a knitting needle or something. I don’t want to wreck everything.

    All this is by way of apologies and explanations to good friends and/or good writers who should appear high in the blogroll that I display in my sidebar, but who have slid out of view while I am doinking around with it here in Wordpress. Many forward looking bloggers have yakked about banning the blogroll… this is largely because it is a lot of work to maintain one, and there is a lot of social pressure associated with any huge editorial purge.

    The Sandhill blogroll will be back, in all its cumbersome and unwieldly glory. More about all of this later. Meanwhile, welcome old and original Bruce from “The River” back to my A list.


    * Langston Hughes quote above courtesy of Avedon Carol’s header.

    June 28th, 2024


    An email today…

    I worked with Michelle for 6 years and only got to know her during the past 6 months when she helped me with my WEB site.  She was a wonderful person and her spirit lives on…


    June 27th, 2024

    Fischer - Spassky?

    Well, not really. But ze Frank has hurled the gauntlet and the League of Awesomeness has declared a game must be played. It’s fun. It’s wiki chess. Already ze is taunting the opposition with comments like:

    “Oh fabulosos, you amuse me with your pretension.
    Your pawn is but a suckling piglet on the teat of failure.”

    C’mon over. We can beat this guy.

    June 26th, 2024

    Molly Update…

    Great progress…

    We cut off her bandages and she was off to the races, hopping along on the front two legs and the less damaged back leg, squatting on the lawn to eliminate, leading me a merry chase out to the end of the near garden and back.  Quite an improvement from last night when I had to carry her back to the house after a brief outing on the east lawn.

    I’ve been watering her by holding the dish up so she can drink - mostly because she needs to be reminded; but she’ll be back to drinking out of the toilet before too long.

    June 26th, 2024

    Mandarin Meg, our friend Michelle Goodrich is gone…

    I just received the news that Michelle died this weekend.  Sad news.  We had a date to have lunch in July.  It would have been the first time we met face-to-face.  Now we never will.

    Michelle E. Goodrich (Mandarin Meg) was an open hearted woman, enormously creative, technically astute and interested in all that was going on around her.  I will miss her.
    I was privileged to interview her for my blog three years ago.  The interview is here.

    Rest in peace, Michelle.

    June 25th, 2024

    BloggerCon Dessert

    BloggerCon IV succeeded because the art of personal web publishing and multimedia integration that is blogging has advanced and the adoption of the tools has broadened enough that it may be fair to say that blogging is just “so 2024.” A “blogger conference” is no less than a gathering of media creatives in the areas of audio, video, and text. That definition can be refined. Tool makers and the readers/viewers/listeners are also interested, but the BloggerCon format as defined and enforced by Dave Winer is generally free of commercial complications. Vendors are welcome, but not to flog their warez.

    This mp3 speaks to much of what happened and didn’t at the shew. (Thanks to Leslie who wisely removed herself to the south of France, out of the fray, as it were… but found time to post a really cute puppy picture in her sidebar none-the-less).

    A few of my friends have asked for my perspectives on the interplay among the strong personalities who gathered for BloggerCon IV. They want the dish. I thought to send an email, but I recalled the caveat not to put anything in email that you don’t want to share with the world, so all things considered, why not just post about it?

    This is a personal post in a public space regarding public figures as they presented themselves in a professional context during the recent BloggerCon meetings in San Francisco. There are a million stories in the naked city, but only about eighty at BloggerCon. The subject matter is delicate because personal criticisms may be inferred. It’s not my intention to skewer anyone. Rather, I’d like to discuss manners and through the discussion improve relationships, not erode or destroy them. Along the way I’ll likely find out a few things about myself.

    At dinner Friday night we were joined by an attractive young couple from Vancouver. These people - and Esme Vos and David Weinberger - were among several who were attending Supernova or other events, not BloggerCon, but who joined us, the bloggers, for dinner. Speaking of Esme, and this relates, just don’t ask me how… there’s a hamster cage in my head where the wheels are always spinning and the point I want to get to is that I met Om Malik at BloggerCon!

    And returning to David for a moment, he says, “The thing I like least about Supernova is its devotion to the panel format. Panels are how you make interesting people boring. It works like magic!” I could echo this regarding the “unconference format.” Slavish devotion to a single method of interaction or presentation is sure to suck in the long run. If there is a BloggerCon V, I vote that we pay attention to Lisa Williams‘ suggestion that some papers be presented, papers by experts addressing issues of interest. Not powerpoints.

    Anyway, at dinner Friday I happened to be seated to the right of a man with a strong personality who is not always real tolerant regarding other peoples’ points of view when they don’t line up with his own. The young Canadian across the table was happy to share his own sense of how blogging fit into his enterprise, a social networking qua matchmaking operation.

    As chance would have it a friend of the fellow to my left arrived late and was seated at the far end of our table. After we had all shared several delicious Thai courses, served family style, something strange occurred. I don’t know, maybe it was the tofu (I think that’s a Grateful Dead song too) - or maybe the strong-minded fellow had grown suddenly dyspeptic, but it appeared to me that he deliberately set out to antagonize the fellow from Canada, his wife and their seat-mate, a guy from Perth, Australia with an interest in a social network for young parents, minti. What we had was the “old bull” from Berkeley facing down the “young bucks” from the British Commonwealth across the table.

    Okay, now you’ll have to trust me that I could make this really funny if I wanted to be careless of feelings and simply flame the old bull, because what ensued was a classic scene from an Edwardian comedy of manners. The old bull was restless I think because he wanted to excuse himself and attend to his friend at the far end of the table. He took umbrage with the Canadian’s observation regarding the utility of blogs as an offshoot to the development of social networking in the dating space. The young fellow made some commonplace observation about Shirky’s power law analysis, and suddenly the game was afoot.

    I’m sure that deep in his interpersonal tool chest the old bull has a fine set of manners to deploy: courtesy, civility, gracious charm. I know this because I have been treated to decent behavior by the man. Rather than rummage that deep into the tool chest though, he simply hauled out the trustworthy twosome, anger and hostility, and made short work of the young man from Canada before pushing back from table and retreating to the far end to converse with his friend. When he did that I felt ashamed and embarrassed and a sense of loss. The goodwill and friendship that had been building as we enjoyed our meal together was destroyed , and we were left in silence staring at each other across a platter of cooling tofu and vegetables.

    Scraping these ill feelings away was for me a matter of moments, because I have been blessed with the opportunity to both practice detachment and be the object of someone else’s practice. This matter of detachment was something that wasn’t discussed in the “oh pity me for my trolls” core values session, but perhaps it should have been.

    I don’t think anyone will change based on what I write, nor do I believe that what I have to share is particularly important, yet a nuanced reading of what follows will hopefully yield some food for thought, nourishment for a little meditative personal reflection, something to chew on. Maybe it will help me understand better the feelings I had during two particularly stressful sessions on Saturday, feelings that were undoubtedly colored by the fact that I had just received news that my beloved two year old dog had been hit by an ambulance and was at the veterinarian’s being x-rayed and doped up and shaved and stitched-up and bandaged and yes - thank you - the news today is that she made it through the night and is drinking water and is enjoying her medications administered concealed in rolled up thin sliced ham.

    The “unconference” is nothing new in the universe of professional meetings. We call this type of gathering a facilitated discussion, and the success of the gathering often turns on the quality of facilitation. I think it’s fair to say that Dave often behaves like a controlling person. Previous conferences had been multiply tracked, with simultaneous sessions occurring in each time slot. At these previous conferences, Dave found himself moving from room to room to assure that all went according to plan, that no unfortunately self serving commercial messages were sent, that all the facilitators were facilitating properly. BloggerConIV was single tracked, so he could sit at the front of the room throughout the proceedings, all day, each day, through each and every session, interjecting wisdom as required and keeping things moving smartly along.

    Not all the facilitators were evenly matched. People with strong personalities who are unwilling to subordinate their own point of view in the interest of moving the group forward toward the development of a common understanding and ideally a shared vision make poor facilitators. Mike Arrington and Elisa Camahort have strong points of view, and they seemed more interested in proselytizing than facilitating yesterday.

    Elisa led “Building Bridges” and Mike led “Core Values.” I think the “Building Bridges” session ultimately succeeded perhaps in spite of the facilitator’s strong point of view. The give and take was impassioned and the outcomes were friendly. The “Core Values” session was a low point for me. Arrington, through hard work and a position of privilege, finds himself at the top of the valley punditocracy right now. Yet he seems unable to listen to criticism and absorb what’s valid and detach from what’s bullshit. There’s a lesson there about the adversarial training that lawyers get, I think. If life is a game to be won, then how do we handle setbacks? If every transaction is zero sum, then how can the balance sheet of relationships ever be improved besides through coercion?

    I had a good talk with Liz Henry for like five minutes… In the room, Liz was wearing a hard-ass personna, much like Elisa. This is a success tool for women who want to compete on an even footing with the sharks. But out of the room, it was clear to me that she understood my point of view, that adversarial bullshit only goes so far and that relationships must be cultivated through good will and that the sun will come out tomorrow yadda yadda…

    So one of my BConIV takeaways - don’t you just love the word”takeaway?” For me it has a special place like “learning.” One of my learnings… (I would like my inner asshole to shut up now and just use the words we mean)… A lesson I learned at BloggerCon, or perhaps a bias I had reinforced, is that when people are posturing aggressively, I feel uncomfortable around them, and while I have as loud a voice as many of these people, it’s no fun to play their little reindeer games. My voice is better used yodeling or singing in the shower than battling through issues with contrarians or soaking in the glow of mutual aggrandizement of grudges that emerge from the c-c-c-c-comments. That Core Values session sucked because it was poorly facilitated. No other way for me to say it.

    June 25th, 2024


    A lot of dogs chase vehicles. It takes a certain amount of skill to catch the damn things. Molly’s run-in with the EMS Ambulance left her bruised and abraded, cut and torn, and suffering a cracked hip-bone. In the picture below you can see some of the damage. You can also see that she has good pain medication and that sometimes a girl just needs to kick back and heal.  That gray thing she’s looking at is her bed, and she’s just trying to figure out how to climb aboard in the most painless way possible.

    June 24th, 2024

    Molly Update

    She’s sleeping in the knee-hole under my desk at home, still woozy from the pain meds, just hanging in, responsive to Beth when she scratches her forehead, but basically just enduring for now.

    June 24th, 2024

    Core Values at BloggerCon

    How ironic to have an attorney presenting this stuff.  Mike Arrington.  He’s a human being.  Trolls hurt him.  The whole session revolved around that.

    June 24th, 2024

    Building Bridges

    There’s a thoughtful discussion about engaging more women in the tech conference spaces, and the point was made that BlogHer has resumes.  The question of the responsibility of people who want to talk to actively seek a speaking role came up but Elisa kinda shouted it down.  This stuff is so important and yet there is an issue of people on both sides of the  topic being wiling to take the chip off their shoulders and understand that we’re all trying to change the world.  Okay… maybe the Wall Street Journal isn’t trying to change the world, but who looks to them as an authoritative voice?  Okay, there are a lot of men and women who DO look to them as an authoritative voice, but our challenge is to figure out how to route around the Journal and their ilk.

    June 24th, 2024

    John Palfrey is in the House

    How trivial to be here when Beth is home all worried about Molly and both of them could use the light of my love…

    But:  How to make money blogging… yeah, that’s the ticket.

    Chris Pirillo says its about branding yourself… the monetization of your life.  CPT versus CPC … adsense works but you have to tune it… take risks and hope Microsoft won’t sue…
    Tony says blogging should be about writing, not making money… your blog should be just one of the places where your work (”your content”) shows up.
    Following this outline:

    1. Making Money By Blogging
    1. Ads
    1. On your own site
    1. Text/images on your site (BlogAds, Adwords/Adsense)
    2. Sponsorships on site (TechCrunch, or the “Be Mike Arrington” strategy)
  • In feeds
  • In a podcast
  • In a vlog
  • Put other thing on your blog that generate money for you
    1. Classifieds (EdgeIo “listing” tag)
    2. Other feeds (Stylefeeder feed)
    3. Affiliate program from Amazon with famous books
  • Join a network of blogs
    1. John Battelle approach
    2. Corante, Weblogs.com
  • Sell your feed content itself to publishers (will someone pay?)
  • Generate payment via aggregators (Feedshow?)
  • Give it to charity (Goodstorm?)
  • Making Money Off of blogging
    1. Sell software, services
    2. Winer solution (no ads, get famous, sell a pinger or the like)
    3. Host a conference (Web 2.0 Conference)
    4. Sell search etc. (Technorati, Feedster)
    5. Become a VC (make money off of other people’s work)

    June 24th, 2024

    Molly update…

    The ambulance drivers said she was chasing them up the road and when she caught up she ducked under the ambulance and got knocked around.  Thank goodness she didn’t get under a tire.  The vet says her injuries comprise a small fracture in the hip that won’t need an operation, a cut that needed stitches to stop the bleeding, and some other bruises and scrapes.  She didn’t go into shock…

    June 24th, 2024

    Oh no…

    Beth just called and Molly has been hit by an ambulance. I’m feeling kind of sick. Sounds like she was more bounced than broken, but the veterinarian is looking at her now. Some stitches… x-rays. I’ll know more when Beth does.

    I never punish a dog physically, but I have one exception. In order to train a pup to stay out of the road, I take her to the road and spank her and say “no!” and “stay off the road,” and I show her the pavement and I spank her some more, and hope the lesson sticks. Molly has been straying and just before I left we laughed about it a little and said it was time for more road beatings. It seems she has received one.

    June 24th, 2024

    BloggerCon IV

    June 23rd, 2024

    Ze Amanda on Net Neutrality

    Amanda Congdon has a bright, simple, persuasive vlog on Net Neutrality today.  She includes links to Net Neutrality sites to make it easy for you to write your congress-critter.  So go there. Enjoy Amanda’s presentation, her excellent lip gloss, her - you know - “production values.”  Then write those congress-critters!

    (Amanda’s vlog beats the heck out of information like this upbeat mainstream media number on how to profit from diabetes.  But, while perhaps more acceptable in a mainstream context, more socially aware, less offensive than a dead tree publication shilling for big pharmcos, she still ain’t as fucking funny as ze Frank, and that’s the truth, strange rangers.  But my god, what a compliment to be compared to him all the time!)

    June 23rd, 2024

    Emotional Life Blogging

    Chris Pirillo is discussing living his life publically online.  Terry Heaton discussed the loss of his wife.  Lisa talked about the loss of her father, and everyone is being open about the challenges of public inspection versus the support of the community.  I think Tamar would have a lot to offer the group in this session.

    People are sharing all these personal stories and I’m thinking about all the people I don’t write about out of concern for what effect my thoughts might have on my relationships.  Thinking about my dad, my brother… there’s so much to explore there, but I’m not going to explore it in the blog.  Lisa says that when she moved from paper to pixels the volume of her complaints went down.

    Jory says that her blog has helped her clean up her relationships… these are incredibly MINDFUL people, mindful like Tamar, like Ronni, like Liz Ditz.  Jay Rosen says that blgging is emotional, it’s about freedom… he calls blogs “the little first amendment machines.”

    June 23rd, 2024

    Lisa Williams said “frisson”

    Lisa’s boyfriend violated her privacy by reading her diary and leaving comments.

    June 23rd, 2024


    Back at BloggerCon after an interesting morning in Judge Walker’s court. More about that later and AT&T, and the US Government… is Joho really working for AT&T? I love him anyway. More aqbout that - as I said - later.

    Right now there’s a heated discussion about backing up our images before we entrust them to the Goomers and Bloomers and other FlickR competitors.

    And Marc Canter is doing his best to break the vendor rap rule. Niall Kennedy is seriously enforcing it.

    Discussion moved on to moving blogs… nobody has a good story about this, but Chris Pirillo has sponsored an export routine from someplace to WordPress… the cross ventilation from one tool to another is something that will hapen incrementally.. Elisa Camahort specs a beautiful utility that she wants… something that crawls her blog every night and back-ups the permalinks and the comments and the links and everything. Brilliant, and it brings the subject back to back-up which is where I started… but I’m feeliong a little tender right now since that 120GB Western Digital drive crapped out earlier this month, and the Dell laptop died in Minneapolis. Back-up, I’m convinced, is a good thing.

    June 23rd, 2024

    Zap your PRAM

    another conference….  thanks to the IRC channel for the nudge.

    Marc Canter is now filling this corner of the room, btw.  All these super heroes of the first wave.

    June 23rd, 2024


    Doc is at the front table writing up notes that are projected on the screen.  It’s an OPML outliner kind of thing.

    Jory des Jardins is the microphone person.

    Phil Torrone will be talking tools in just a bit, after we sort out the singing thing.

    Anil Dash is here… Dan Farber, Chris and Ponzi…

    Song suggestion… Bruggeman suggests “Feelings” but Dave doesn’t know it…  “All you need is love…”

    Ponzi suggests the “Hokie Pokie” …  okay, we got that out of the way… I’m sitting in the repressed corner…

    BlogHer is on Doc’s birthday… this technography thing is informative.

    June 23rd, 2024

    Cranking up the con

    Luminaries in the room…. the laughingsquid, jay rosen, dave, doc, terry heaton, rex hammock, marnie webb, bruce bruggeman… the room is filling up and McD is on the IRC link.

    Sylvia Paul - I think Britt Bravo just wlked in - the room is slowly filling up and there is nice music . Dave is calling the room to order…

    “Everybody shut-up!”

    June 23rd, 2024

    Hepting versus AT&T

    James Bond’s old nemesis SMERSH (from shmert shpionam, or “death to spies”) may file a brief today on behalf of the ironically Stalinist US Government in Courtroom 6 at 450 Golden Gate Avenue at the 9:30a.m. hearing on the Hepting vs. AT&T suit. Or they may not. How would we know, since the US Government has pulled something called “the State Secrets Act” out of its ass to deprive the public of information regarding the case?

    Here is the redacted testimony of J. Scott Marcus taken earlier this month in the case which revolves around the government using AT&T facilities to spy on private citizens. (Adobe Acrobat required). Redacted means that the government censors cut out the parts that we, the public, shouldn’t be allowed to see.

    Maybe I’ll skip the BloggerCon National Anthem session in order to go down to the Federal Court and learn first hand what BushCo has on its collective Orwellian mind.

    June 23rd, 2024

    BloggerCon IV

    Wouldn’t want to miss it.

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