August 25th, 2024

Marked by his middle name

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    For John Mark Karr life sucks. The sad son of a bitch has been doomed since the media hung his middle name out in public and created that creepy public identity that goes with guys with three names: Lee Harvey Oswald, Mark David Chapman, John Wilkes Booth… (John Hinckley and Arthur Bremer missed the triple appellation because their victims survived, I think).

    It will be interesting to see how much bandwidth “John Mark Karr” sucks up for “George What-a-fucking-idiot Bush” between now and November.

    (creepy photo credit to Metroblogging LA and creepy Jill Greenberg)

    August 25th, 2024

    Worm Slinging

    Little snakes without the plane? Who thinks this stuff up?

    I like Barbara Feldman’s site because she makes me think of 99.

    Honest to god I was driving to the job this morning thinking about a post called “pinochle on your snout.” Then I get this email about worms crawling in and out and I decided it was probably the divine speaking to me in special ways. I immediately stopped the car and carved a huge boulder, a glacial erratic pushed here from the sea, into a beautiful gold-encrusted jade Buddha and I left a little offfering of prime rib and black eyed peas there in his lap and went on my way relieved of that karmic burden.

    Wait. I didn’t get the email until later, so the whole thing about the jade Buddha with gold crustaceans is probably a hallucination or a lie or some kind of web-too-oh thing.

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