August 6th, 2024

Death is not a metaphor

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  • I remember when Jacques Derrida died. I didn’t particularly mourn his passing. I resented the fact that I’d only drilled down on the post-modern claptrap after it was passe and had been replaced by corporate surrealism, it’s logical extension. This ill-marked passage in intellectual history happened I think in the early eighties, when the global corporate culture was locking down nationalism once and for all.

    Today I was reminded of old Jake by a post at wood s lot. It was a David Wills translation of Derrida’s “The Animal That Therefore I Am,” including a cute French pun (having nothing to do with seasickness actually, but very much like that): he wanted to substitute a singular word “animot” for the plural “animaux” as well as the singular “l’animal.” Reading of this failure to grasp the thing itself, the animals, the philosopher’s failure to apprehend, to comprehend, and to accurately reflect the physical world and the wonderful various language of animals I flashed on the root cause. I flashed on what must have been true and will be well worth further examination. It seemed to me that Derrida, for all the difference he wanted to make, must have been locked in conflict with the keepers of the mother tongue, l’Academie française. I’m sure this is old hat to the pomo crowd, but it gave me a deeper understanding of perhaps why such intensity attaches to his work.

    [gresham’s law of philosophy… or, whatever happened to the marxist disquisition?]

    August 6th, 2024

    Krapp’s Last Tape

    When I Paint My Masterpiece

    …and Mike? I’d go with the Canon EOS350D.

    August 6th, 2024

    Play it again, José

    Wondering what’s going on in the ze Frank match against the Fabulosos… OMG, ze is losing!

    “I see only one move ahead, but it is always the correct one.”
    José Raúl Capablanca

    August 6th, 2024

    Jeannine Hall Gailey - Reading

    Three poems from Jeannine Hall Gailey’s book, Becoming the Villainess

    Female Comic Book Superheroes

    Wonder Woman Dreams of the Amazon

    The Conversation

    August 6th, 2024

    Madame Levy’s Banner

    In her book, “Blogging for Fun and …well, for Fun,” Madame Levy ’splains the enormous pleasure one can derive by messing with the banner contents on a Typepad blog. Where some are content to slam a logo and fuhgeddaboutit, Levy displays continuously shifting content in that space, content seemingly disconnected from the flow of the blog posts below, yet often providing a narrative harmony or counterpoint. The content is always personal and provides hints regarding the artist’s quotidian attention flow.

    16 July, 1995

    Dear Prometheans

    As we all know, there’s no such thing as too many societies for smart folk like us. I have therefore decided to found another. But this one will be a society with a difference: the entrance requirement will be an attitude, not an IQ score. Shoot, we all know that ‘tude is where it’s at, anyway, don’t we? So I’d like to announce the birth of IFIS, officially Intellect For Intellect’s Sake, unofficially–and actually–the Incredibly Fucking Intelligent Society. Entrance will be based on how you do on our untimed, unsupervised, self-scoring multiple-choice test, the BRAIN [PDF file] (harBeck Razor for Attitude towards INtelligence), which I have devised. Since it’s self-scoring, there is no scoring fee (I’m not so hard up for money that I’d actually charge you for this!). Send your scores to me. There is no membership fee, as it is extremely unlikely that we will ever get around to having a newsletter or anything. Proposed questions for additions to the BRAIN are also welcomed. All questions undergo a stringent norming (if I can figure them out, they’re in; if not, they’re obviously wrong or illogical).

    I look forward to further fellowship with those worthy enough.

    Yours brightly, James Harbeck.

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