I believe I have an ethical responsibility to add weight to the concern raised by Tara Hunt, Shelley, the head lemur, Jeneane and others regarding the gender imbalance in the Office 2.0 conference.

Jeneane’s rather pointed language (”fuck you Ross, fuck you Stowe”) is perhaps more passionate and direct than I’m feeling this morning, but she has a point. Meanwhile, in Tara Hunt’s comments, my friend Kathy Sierra — a woman — says “leave me out of it,” maintaining traction amongst the ditto-heads of tech.

Given the light of concern that has been shed on this particular conference, the oblivious way that the speaker list was assembled, and the absolutely clueless effort of the organizers to cash in on the conversation without adding any value to the technology, I have to echo those who suggest that everybody, but the speakers in particular and women in general, turn away from this gathering. There isn’t a lot of value addded here anyway. A few companies will lose marketing opportunities, but maybe being associated with the likes of those who would assemble a program consisting of all white males plus Kaliya (”my concerns about identity don’t extend to politics”) Hamlin is not too good for your reputation anyway?