October 26th, 2024


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  • Favorite bumper stickers include: “Ignore Alien Orders” and “I’d rather be reading Bukowski.”

    Read Bruce’s review of the Matt Dillon movie, Factotum.

    October 26th, 2024

    lapin d’agence

    I can’t get used to having an iDog in the house, so Nabaztag won’t be happening out here on the farm. But leave it to Jeneane. She has her bunny up and running. Since she returned after a week or more off (including a few days staring at her foot) she has been dishing out insightful Web 3.0 industry commentary with none of the slavish greed based personality cult nonsense of the Web 2.0 crowd, and with all the elan of an industry analyst who really enjoys her beat.

    My recommendation is go to Allied and read down from the top until you get to “footus interruptus.” Then take a break and let it all bake into your brain.

    [Highlights… discussion of ze frank’s nerd fight, keyword advertising on comments, the talking bunny, Ronnie’s phonecon recap, Ev’s Obvious company which may or may not be related to Euan Semple, and more.]

    October 26th, 2024

    No, no… please ze it isn’t so

    IMG_2576 ze Frank says the show will end on Molly Bloom’s third birthday. Some birthday present.

    Should we even care about eyeballs? I don’t. I care about my audience, but my show ends on March 17th, 2024 whether I have one eyeball or a million. Given the current state of web metrics, talking about eyeballs seems to create more risk than value anyway.

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