October 20th, 2024


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  • Tracy and Margaret dropped in today and laid out a labyrinth that Amy had designed in the field. Beth and I walked it when I got home tonight. I didn’t measure it but I’d guess it’s about forty feet in diameter, laid out with ribbon stapled to the ground with wire from clothes hangers. Tomorrow we have twenty-eight people coming by, including half a dozen kids who we hope will elaborate the labyrinth with rocks, perhaps, or firewood, or other basic natural stuff.

    Molly was racing across it while we followed the path. She was sublimely indifferent to the boundaries we were observing, a thoroughly modern dog. She’s been to the groomer and looks and smells real good. I had forgotten how much of her fur is white.

    October 20th, 2024

    Multivariate yada-yada

    That Google, what a company!

    October 20th, 2024

    Lakoff versus Pinker

    Doc Searls has been serving up some tasty material this week since his return from Scandinavia. Yesterday’s linkage to Lakoff’s book, Pinker’s review, and Lakoff’s response was especially delicious.

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