Wisconsin Senate - Vote for Rae Vogeler, don’t waste your vote on Kohl…

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  • by Frank Paynter on November 6, 2024

    Herb Kohl, “nobody’s senator but his own,” Wisconsin muti-millionaire and oligarch, will win this thing in a walk. He has no Republican opposition to speak of and Wisconsin loves him for keeping the Bucks basketball team in Milwaukee and for gifting the UW-Madison with the Kohl Center, a state of the art indoor sports arena. This will be the fourth Senate term that Kohl has bought for himself, and the power of his popularity with the sports fans and the pro-war crowd, and his lack of Republican opposition with any stature assures him of a victory. So a vote for Kohl is just “me too.” It’s a wasted vote.

    If you want to see change… if you want the war to end soon, and you want people to be assured of health care and living wage jobs, if you want to see a meaningful emphasis on programs that make quality education available to all, then vote for Rae Vogeler, Green Party candidate for US Senate.

    Too often in our two party democracy we hear the concern expressed that a vote for a third party candidate is a wasted vote. The reasoning goes that it is better to vote for the lesser of two evils than to throw away your vote on an also ran. I generally agree with that sentiment. But tomorrow’s Senate election in Wisconsin turns the idea of the wasted vote upside down. Herb Kohl will most certainly win, but we have a chance to demonstrate the size of the progressive polity in the state by voting for Rae Vogeler. The more votes that show up in Vogeler’s column, the louder the voice for peace that politicians all around the country will hear. Voting for Rae Vogeler could influence our relatively conservative Democratic senator to pay closer attention to progressive issues.

    I hope that everyone in Wisconsin who agrees with me that the war must end soon will vote for Rae Vogeler for Senate tomorrow. It’s the most important issue facing us in the Senate contest and she is the peace candidate. On Saturday she was endorsed by Cindy Sheehan, a prominent peace activist. Sheehan’s endorsement follows endorsements from the UW-Madison Teaching Assistants Association, AFT Local 3220, Kohl’s Democratic primary challenger Ben Masel, and three Wisconsin
    newspapers: the Lake Mills Leader, Cambridge News and Deerfield Independent. She also received the support of Libertarian U.S. Senate write-in candidate David Redick and is endorsed by the Wisconsin Green Party, Progressive Democrats of Wisconsin, Progressive Dane, the National Women’s Caucus, and voters across the state.

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    Jesse 11.06.06 at 11:35

    Vogeler supports net neutrality! Does Kohl? Who knows? He apparantly has the decision making skills of a snail.

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