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  • For What It’s Worth

    The last event of the Orlando@50 AARP gathering was a powerhouse concert featuring stars from the sixties. Richie Havens opened the show, and yes, he sang “Freedom” during his set. Next up was Judy Collins and she covered favorites from “Diamonds and Rust”, through “Both Sides Now” to “Send in the Clowns”. When a creative [...]

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    In the company of men

    There’s a post today at Time Goes By that hits me where I live. A reader named Bill writes asking: “Any thoughts on how men can find new groups of friends?” Like Bill, I’m an older guy, comfortable in the company of women and generally uneasy with the superficial bullshit that seems to color men’s [...]

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    Raw milk freakyosis

    Scott Trautman has a problem that affects all of us. State authorities are forcing him out of the dairy business because he wants to sell raw milk products. Early in the summer the Trautman’s had an open house. I stopped by to see their operation and to visit my brush mower which Scott is holding [...]

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    Eat Beef!

    In the interest of equal time for carnivores and in response to the recent “Eat Less Meat” graphic in the sidebar, I share with you a marketing message I received today from an organic grass fed beef operation up near Douglas City in Trinity County… As for me, I’m doing my part for the locavore [...]

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    New beginnings…

    Look who’s back! (As if she ever left.) Jeneane dot net!! I checked out the bio and resume and then peeked at the portfolio. Holy moley, what a writer!! (Blame my excessive use of bangs as the typesetters used to call them—although they resemble neither a combed forward hairstyle nor a British sausage so what’s [...]

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    Got a hunch…

    Caterina describes HUNCH here. I have a few invitations if you’d like to climb on-board and share your inner being with the machine. Sen me an email or leave a comment. Wishing I was at F2C, David Isenberg’s annual inside-the-beltway thing. It’s being tweeted here and chatted there, but text doesn’t let you hear the [...]

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    Pacific Telecommunications Council

    Judi Clark is live blogging the PTC09 event at, and tweeting it with a #ptc09 tag. Her notes from Vint Cerf’s presentation here.

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    Country Joe

    Forty years… oh how the time does fly. For No Reason He wants to write words down On pieces of paper Recording them now And recalling them later. It remains a mystery The pages of history Outlasted the passing Of things that were dear to me. Those wonderful children With bright shining faces They waltzed [...]

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