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    That damn FDA, founded a hundred years ago, just to make sure the milk bottles you got were full of milk and not white paint and rat shit. – Jon Stewart Corporate shills and Senatorial obstructionists have taken a last whack at the Food Safety bill. Filthy conditions in food plants will continue unabated if [...]

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    Clonal moo juice

    Savvy dairymen in Britain may be adulterating the nation’s milk supply with something that looks like milk, tastes like milk, and comes from an animal that moos like a milker, but leaves regulators and ethical arbiters unsure of whether or not to permit its consumption. Here and there around the world, cloned cows and their [...]

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    Cathy Erway

    Cathy Erway, the author of The Art of Eating In is in Madison this week preparing meals with friends and spreading the word that we can benefit from getting in touch with where our food comes from and how it’s prepared. Cathy’s blog Not Eating Out in New York sports the tag line “Consuming Less, [...]

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    Down on the farm, administrivia department

    I’ve been following the unfolding story of the Trautman farm and their struggle with Wisconsin’s Dept. of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Affairs. A recent post inspired an email from Betty, one of my favorite readers. She gave me permission to edit it a little and post it here. Any errors or misstatements in what follows [...]

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    Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund – FTCLDF

    Before New Years Day I wrote here about the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP) and the Kafkaesque way they have treated Scott and Julie Trautman. Scott and Julie are certified organic farmers selling grass fed beef. They also have a small dairy herd. Until recently they were able to market their [...]

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    Raw milk freakyosis

    Scott Trautman has a problem that affects all of us. State authorities are forcing him out of the dairy business because he wants to sell raw milk products. Early in the summer the Trautman’s had an open house. I stopped by to see their operation and to visit my brush mower which Scott is holding [...]

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