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Down on the Trautman Farm

Down on the Trautman Farm

Before New Years Day I wrote here about the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP) and the Kafkaesque way they have treated Scott and Julie Trautman. Scott and Julie are certified organic farmers selling grass fed beef. They also have a small dairy herd. Until recently they were able to market their milk to the big homogenizing, pasteurizing operations known as Corporate Milk. Sadly, their desire to also market raw milk to the natural food consumer resulted in a conflict. Here’s what Scott posted on his blog today about how family farmers are fighting back:

How to Help

Every day that goes by, at least one new person comes along, is horrified by our situation, and asks, how can we help?

Thing is, not only our situation is horrifying. We are representative of what is being done to family farms, and what is being done to consumers. We are paying a high price for speaking out. Speaking out against injustice has always had a price.

What is different now – is – we are not alone. And we are not disorganized. So it is not just us against injustice, it is a growing army of people, disgusted with the direction our government is taking, and their corporate ‘leaders’. A variety of tactics, well thought through, designed to sidestep public interest, and even in cases make the public think it’s for their own good. Truly a world of ’1984′: good is bad, and bad is good. 1 plus 1 is 3.

So, what to do?

First: Do not despair. Do not immerse yourself in conspiracy, in bad news, and take your mind to a place that presumes helplessness and evil. It is not an evil world, and we are not helpless. We are far more sensitive to what we invite into our minds than any of us will admit. Do not surround yourself with the bad. Search out the good – in your fellow man, in all its forms.

Second, do what you can. If you despair, you will be left in a state of “why do anything”. Do not give up – do what you can – whatever that is. Many of you have found the satisfaction in communicating with your representatives. With your friends, neighbors, about issues important to you. This is something. Valuing your participation in the world around you – and accepting you have an impact, and every something you do – you cannot presume that it is for nothing. We cannot know what even small acts, how it changes things. And notice how it makes you feel – to do something good. It feels really, really good. Better than any prurient pleasures we are deluded into believing is what feeling good is supposed to be.

Third, educate yourself. Speak with conviction and confidence to those around you. If you are knowledgeable, you will be sought out, you will be listened to. Become the master of your world – and be able to separate the wheat from the chaff; to tell what is the truth and what is someone else’s agenda. Those against will always use emotion and fear – and be very light indeed on facts and common sense. Through knowledge, be able to tell the difference, and do not accept anything at its face value.

Fourth, support those organizations that bring support together. Back to #1: do not despair – as our ‘enemies’ have changed adapted and manipulated the system – so too we have learned what we can do. We look at their strategies, and no, we do not lie, but we do organize and present a unified front, we gather our resources, and with the truth – and people – on our side, we will not be denied. We fight each battle as it comes, and we see this for the war that it is, and we are prepared to fight as long as it takes.

If you want to support ‘us’, Trautman Family Farm, I want YOU to support, with any kind of donation you can afford – whatever you can do, today -

Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund -

Without a doubt – this war on family farmers and consumers – against Raw Milk – is a different battle today because of FTCLDF. Picking off farmers one by one – an old and effective tactic – is not working, and will never work again. That is 100% because of FTCLDF. But there are many battles ahead – and FTCLDF has the armaments we need – especially now, legal funds for those farmers bullied by the state.

When we speak together in a unified voice: we are powerful. These lessons we will take with us across all the injustice being done to us – our rights taken from us, our children’s futures stolen – we will organize and we will take it back, issue by issue. Right now: we start with Raw Milk.

So, Wisconsin – Trautman Family Farm supporters – Family Farm supporters – Raw Milk supporters – Your Rights supporters – show you are prepared to do battle – and give what you can today to Farm To Consumer Legal Defense Fund. Tell ‘em….

Scott Trautman, Proud Wisconsin Dairyman sent you – and that we stand together!

Let me simply add, “Un pueblo unido, jamas sera vencido!”