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  • The Technology Space at AARP

    Uhhh… Okay. Let’s just say that the technology space at AARP’s Orlando@50+ sucked. Big time. It was so cold in that corner of the show room floor that people were catching cold, their noses were running, the runny noses were causing mustaches to freeze up. It was not pleasant. Enter the guy from Google. This [...]

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    AARP Drum Circle

    Caught this using my little Nikon Coolpix, a handheld still camera with some video capability. The escalator ride seemed like a good idea at the time, but obviously I should have ridden it down first and then done the long dolly out at the end. Oh well. Busby Berkeley, I ain’t, but I’m pretty good [...]

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    Procrustean news patterns

    The “daily news cycle” killed twentieth century journalism. It drained meaning, the life blood of news dissemination, from the stories we needed to hear. The artificial constraint of deadline driven journalism forced journalists and news-makers to collude in an elaborate ritual more suited to ancient Greek dramatic arts than to newscasts or newspapers. Nine years [...]

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    For What It’s Worth

    The last event of the Orlando@50 AARP gathering was a powerhouse concert featuring stars from the sixties. Richie Havens opened the show, and yes, he sang “Freedom” during his set. Next up was Judy Collins and she covered favorites from “Diamonds and Rust”, through “Both Sides Now” to “Send in the Clowns”. When a creative [...]

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    Secretary Sebelius at Orlando AARP Convention

    Sebelius was here to talk about the new Affordable Care Law, to inform us regarding details, and to enlist AARP members’ support in getting the facts out in the face of the continuing huge disinformation campaign. She didn’t mention Newt Gingrich, Fox News, or the Insurance Industry’s advertising budget, but she reminded us that there [...]

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    My AARP Tech Perfect Fail

    I’ve had a bad day in multimedia. Seeking to be best blogger I can be for AARP, I screwed up my video. I screwed up my audio. I even failed to connect with Tony the Tiger for a photo op. It was not a good day, technically. On the other hand… I saw Jane Pauley [...]

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    I’m going to Orlando to blog the AARP convention, Orlando@50+ What an honor! I’m one of three people who were selected to blog the event. AARP will pick up my travel expenses, supply me with press credentials and a Flip camera, et voila! Le country boy becomes, for the weekend of September 30 through October [...]

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