The Technology Space at AARP

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  • Uhhh… Okay. Let’s just say that the technology space at AARP’s Orlando@50+ sucked. Big time. It was so cold in that corner of the show room floor that people were catching cold, their noses were running, the runny noses were causing mustaches to freeze up. It was not pleasant.

    Enter the guy from Google. This is the guy who measures usability by the “could my mom understand this” criterion. (Dude, your mom actually programmed ballistic missile guidance systems for Martin Marietta and she probably knows more about computers than you do.) Anyway, it’s no fun playing the role of Demo Daryl, but somebody has to do it. This guy got stuck with trade show duty this week. Naturally, the Internet connection died, and if you’re the guy from Google, you can’t demonstrate much without one of those. Just ask his mom.

    Then the tech suppport folks got the Internet connection fixed but somehow they screwed up his projector display. No luck for this guy. Meanwhile, the air conditioning was blowing a 20 mph frigid antarctic wind through the demonstration space. Watch the fabric ripple on the draped desk. Watch the black drapes along the wall come apart, shredded in the gale. Note that not even penguins would sit in the seats in the antarctic zone.

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    1. Posted October 8, 2024 at 8:44 | Permalink

      Egads and little catfishes…who’s that old woman on that tape?

    2. Posted October 8, 2024 at 8:46 | Permalink

      And yes, it was colder than the proverbial witch’s boobie in a brass bra…

      • Posted October 8, 2024 at 2:05 | Permalink

        Yes, it was at least that cold. As my dad would say, “Colder than a well-digger’s ass in January.”