October 25th, 2024

OGQ: Stalker 2.0

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  • OGQ = Old Girlfriend Query. Look out, because when Dave thinks this stuff up, the next thing you know he’s actualizing it. Dave says:

    Let’s say I used to date a woman named Tammy. From time to time I wonder what’s up with her. So I do a search, and find the same old links. I want to find all the new stuff. I don’t just want to search blogs, so it’s not what Technorati does. I don’t just care if she makes the news, so it isn’t what Google News does. For extra credit, I’d like it to come in RSS format so I can teach my aggregator to do this for me automatically.

    BTW, once we get this feature, I predict the same kind of backlash that came when Facebook added rich RSS support. All of a sudden lurkers will have a new advantage, and the lurkees might not be happy about it.

    I wish he hadn’t named her Tammy. Or contextualized the idea in the coffin of a dead relationship.

    What do you think Dave? Do you really want further to empower cyber-stalkers, and stalkettes?

    (If Dave doesn’t build it you know somebody else will. Dave… if you build it, please supply the anti-dote!)

    October 25th, 2024

    Bada Boom

    it seems obvious that unless Andrew Baron of Rocketboom is a complete and utter liar when he talks about his statistics, Rocketboom is leagues ahead of Ze Frank.

    Well, yeah.

    Also what Jeneane said. (Good to see you back, jeneane. Looked like you weren’t enjoying blogging at MySpace that much. Maybe now that Blogger messed with you you will change to WordPress?

    October 25th, 2024

    Sontag versus the werebunny…

    loyal to the canon of high culture in literature, music, and the
    visual and performing arts. But I’ve also enjoyed a lot of
    popular music, for example. It seemed we were trying to
    understand why that was perfectly possible and why that wasn’t
    paradoxical… and what diversity or plurality of standards
    might be. However, it didn’t mean abolishing hierarchy, it
    didn’t mean equating everything. In some sense I was as much a
    partisan or supporter of traditional cultural hierarchy as any
    cultural conservative, but I didn’t draw the hierarchy in the
    same way…. Take an example: just because I loved Dostoevsky
    didn’t mean that I couldn’t love Bruce Springsteen. Now, if

    are all sorts of modernist dogmas in architecture, which came to
    prevail not only because of their aesthetic values. There was a
    material support for these ideas: it’s cheaper to build
    buildings this way. Anyway, when the term postmodernism began to
    be used across the field for all the arts it became inflated.
    Indeed, many writers who used to be called modern or modernist
    are now called postmodern because they recycle, use
    quotations–I’m thinking of Donald Barthelme, for instance–or
    practice what’s called intertextuality.

    Van Gogh and Warhol are treated as equivalent by Jameson for the
    sake of theory-building, for fitting examples into his theory.
    That’s when I get off the bus. In my view, what’s called
    postmodernism–that is, the making everything equivalent–is the
    perfect ideology for consumerist capitalism. It is an idea of
    accumulation, of preparing people for their shopping

    Baudrillard is a political idiot. Maybe a moral idiot, too.
    If I ever had any thought about functioning in a typical way as
    a public intellectual, my experiences in Sarajevo would have
    cured me forever. Look, I did not go to Sarajevo in order to
    stage Waiting for Godot. I would have had to have been insane to
    do such a thing. I went to Sarajevo because my son, a journalist
    who had begun covering the war, suggested that I make such a
    trip. While there for the first time in April 1993, I told
    people I would like to come back and work in the besieged city.
    When asked what I could do, I said: I can type, I can do
    elementary hospital tasks, I can teach English, I know how to
    make films and direct plays. “Oh,” they said, “do a play. There
    are so many actors here with nothing to do.” And the choice of
    doing Godot was made in consultation with the theater community
    in Sarajevo.

    years. The play took two months. I doubt if Baudrillard knows
    how long I was in Sarajevo. I’m not a Bernard-Henri Levy making
    his documentary Bosna. In France they call him BHL; in Sarajevo
    they called him DHS–deux heures a Sarajevo–two hours in
    Sarajevo. He came in the morning on a French mlitary plane, left
    his film crew, and was out of there in the afternoon. They

    concrete reality! I’m for complexity and the respect for
    reality. I don’t want to think anything theoretically in that
    sense. My interest is to understand the genealogy of ideas. If
    I’m against interpretation, I’m not against interpretation as
    such, because all thinking is interpretation. I’m actually
    against reductive interpretation, and I’m against facile
    transposition and the making of cheap equivalences.

    in California. We stood at street corners and twice were stoned

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