October 11th, 2024

Double dog down

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  • Had to miss our partner yoga session tonight to take Molly to the vet for a second chiropractic adjustment.

    The story so far… June 24: Smooshed in the road by an ambulance racing at high speed, siren blaring, on a mission of mercy and unable to stop for a crushed pet, Molly crawled off into the windbreak, perhaps to die. In the house, Beth heard Molly’s shriek of pain and rushed out to find her. It wasn’t easy. She was hidden far off the road, unable to respond when she was called. Enlisting the aid of a neighbor, Beth beat the bushes from woodlot to windbreak and eventually found the pup, broken and bleeding.

    Much stitching and binding of wounds ensued.

    She was recovering nicely, so nicely that we left her boarded with the general prison population at the local kennel when we went to Massachusetts for a week in early September. She relapsed. She was in serious pain when we picked her up, in spasm from a week sleeping on concrete. After a few days we took her to our local vet, he drugged her to a point where every muscle in her body was ridiculously relaxed, and she began to improve. But the down side was thatwe discovered her injured tail that we hadn’t picked up on the x-rays in June. Local vet recommended surgery. Co-worker suggested we give her vet a try first, so off to the doggy chiropractor we went and damned if Molly doesn’t seem to be well on the way to recovery after only two sessions. The guy is good, offering advice about keeping her slowed down so she has to use all four feet, about exercising her to recover ranege of motion in the injured leg, about helping her recover lost muscle mass by walking her up hills, and most importantly knowing how to release the tightened muscles in her back.

    Not cutting my dog open at the base of her spine is high on my list of priorities, higher even than partner yoga class.

    Beth and I are going to back up to something more beginner-ish, less challenging than the circus acts we’ve been rehearsing at partner yoga. It sounded cool, but you have to be more advanced as an individual to get the most out of partner yoga I think.

    That leaves Wednesday’s open for the 50 minute drive out to Dodgeville for Molly’s therapy.

    October 11th, 2024

    Dental Mental

    Dental treatments yesterday involved injections that numbed the whole right side of my head. Felt like a chipmunk with a baseball in my cheek. Don’t know what he puts in the mix buit my dreams last night were frustration dreams. Woke this morning to find an email from Jill Draper of Cambium Creative thanking me for the link.

    Jill’s blog shows up in the “fifty random links” section of my blogroll, having migrated here via a klugey OPML file transfer back in April when I shut down Release 2.0. Why she’s thanking me now, I can only guess… but her acknowledgement shook a visit out of me, and I was glad I made the trip, if only because of her pointage to The Wild Women of Wongo.

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