October 27th, 2024

Tim Wu on YouTube

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  • Professor Wu lays out some interesting information for those of us interested in the Network Neutrality discussion. he presents what is almost a paradox regarding the origins of the safe harbor that shelters YouTube and Google (and the rest of us) from nuisance suits…

    But the most interesting thing is where all this legal armor protecting YouTube—and most of the Web 2.0 (user-generated content) industry—comes from. It’s the product of the Bell lobby—Google’s bitter opponent in the ongoing Net Neutrality debates. So, while YouTube may be the creative child of Silicon Valley, it is also, as much, the offspring of Bell lobbying power.

    October 27th, 2024

    Pamela Slim

    Amanda chats with the blogger responsible for “Escape from Cubicle Nation.” A few months ago many people were trying to give Amanda advice. In this post she seems to be soliciting some advice from Pamela, and listening.

    There’s a pot full of cactus on the table and one is in bloom. Amanda is beginning to bloom as well, I think. She hasn’t fallen prey to the grandiosity that folks were foisting on her. She’s simply finding her way as a video blogger now. She has a whole life ahead of her. I’m hoping she marries ze Frank and they have a house full of little vloggers… a happily ever after Hollywood ending, with duckies.

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