September 30th, 2024

One Man’s Trash

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  • One Man’s Trash, originally uploaded by jonl.

    The Tutor will go nuts. Keeping up with the Joneses arrives on the dumpster scene.

    September 30th, 2024

    Radically laying down their lives for the gospel…

    More on the christian madrassa movement…

    September 30th, 2024

    American madrassa…

    September 30th, 2024

    I like to watch — II

    Watching Leslie watch.

    September 30th, 2024

    Hey Mister Tangerine Man…

    David Weinberger has opened a “markets are metaphors” contest, offering readers a chance to provide him with one liners in Maastricht where he’s offering the keynote speech at a conference called “Markets are conversations.”

    Nothing will top Chris Locke’s “Markets are misheard lyrics,” but it’s a fun game to play anyway.

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