September 8th, 2024

Woods Hole

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  • September 8th, 2024

    Why care…

    I’m blogging from the porch of Coffee Obsession in Woods Hole. This is one of oodles of free wifi hot spots in the little town, the one I’ve found most congenial. Background conversations are likely to be in a non-English language beyond my ken, hence not at all distracting. Young women walking past on the sidewalk are likely to be beyond your barbie, hence an acceptable distraction. I love Woods Hole, the science, the sea, the community. I enjoy the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, seafood, the sense of possibility one feels in a place like this.

    My favoirte color is blue, favorite author Larry McMurtry, and I hope to be a rock ‘n roll star when I grow up.

    September 8th, 2024

    Fujitsu Lifebook Tablet

    Under $1500, cheap. Runs good.

    September 8th, 2024

    Sandwich Dominatrix

    don’t look now, but something’s funny

    thanks to Jeneane for the link.

    September 8th, 2024

    Amazon Movies

    Apple sux hind-tit again… beat Apple to the punch Thursday with a new service that lets customers download movies to their computers and take them for on-the-go viewing on portable media players — but not on Apple iPods.

    I belong to the church of Intel and thus find it extremely gratifying that the toy-boys, the Jobsians, will be missing this source of supply for their pod-tech. How small of me.

    The fact that Apple has been in this market long enough to sell 30 million videos, I will conveniently ignore. The tight integration between platform and content product offerings I will conveniently ignore.

    In fact, I am saddling up the old war horse, Rocinante. We’re off on the Cupertino Crusade, eager to get there in time to get my share of the loots before the Church of Jobs has been totally destroyed, the best women ravaged, all the iPods stripped from the altars and hauled off as spoils of war.

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