August 4th, 2024

Nick Lemann bites monkey ass

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  • I think one of the critical distinctions between the competitive world of journalists and the interlinking collaborative and collegial world of bloggers is obvious from this very sentence. I need say no more, but you may want to read Jon Lebkowsky’s thoughts, and Jay Rosen’s. I imagine Nick was kind of wedging his way in here because after five years or so of watching us work, he thought he needed to articulate a competitive postion. If you’re a dean at Columbia, you get space to betray your ignorance and narrow views in The New Yorker.

    Amateur Hour, my ass. Imagine writing a column on journalism and blogging and choosing to mention Glen Reynolds rather than Tom Matrullo. I’d give the Dean a big D+ for this effort, and I threw in the plus out of professional courtesy.

    Read Matrullo’s post on these matters here, a post that incidentally precedes NYU J-school guru Jay Rosen’s response by three days. And don’t miss this link he stuffs in the comments… helps to clear the head.

    August 4th, 2024

    Walrus of Love

    I need a Barry White CD. meanwhile, is unreachable tonight… thousands of fan-geeks jamming the tubes of the Internets…

    Lots of Second that Emotion Tracks available for on Napster. I like this one. I mean I love Smokey but Garcia and Saunders go on for eleven minutes while the motown track is like less than three. I remember Merl Saunders addressing that Hammond organ like a heavy equipment operator… can’t believe Wikipedia doesn’t have a Bill Vitt page… Saunders/Garcia/John Kahn/Bill Vitt… an ensemble to die for… wait. I think I almost did. Blows me away that the emotion remains strong, the pleasure intense when I listen to those guys. Synaptic twitches from the Good Old Days.

    August 4th, 2024

    Quick Lynx

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