August 5th, 2024

Money and traffic and readers and more

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  • We write. Most of us are long-tail writers web publishing for free. Few of us connect to the trad publishing world, fewer still have writing careers. I for one would take money. I would like a lot of people to read my work. Some of it is work. Writing at its best for me is not work, but editing… that’s work. I read Jeneane and I am awed by her presence, her clarity. I read Shelley and I respond to her acerbic yet insightful commentary. Madame Levy floors me with her art. Chris Locke amazes me with his relentless scholarship. Ray Sweatman, a superb web publishing poet, has a poem up… I’ll bet he’d like you to read it. I’ll bet he’d take money for the work. How do we pay our poets?

    There’s a cultural barrier in the blogosphere that the great communicators, we bloggers, have a hard time talking about. We’re writing in public because we want to share our work. Some of us would be pleased to measure success in dollars and hit counts and cross links. How do we promote this?

    My practice is to share my experience and to share my likes and dislikes. Through it all I would prefer to develop cordial, friendly relations with others. But what if I create some friction, heat up my interactions from time to time, start a fire with that heat? Is there anything wrong with that if the people find the fire illuminating? What if I don’t agree that Dave Winer is an unreconstructed sexist, but rather acknowledge that some of my friends find him challenging as can be? What if I LIKE Kathy Sierra, find her amusing, if occasionally a little brittle? What if I found Scoble just as warm and charming as everyone says he is when I finally met him face to face? If I link to these high traffic bloggers, am I guilty of “link baiting?”

    Who the heck am I anyway? Should I jump in and defend Kathy and Dave when the criticism of them seems wrong-headed? Can I say often enough that Mike Arrington just rubs me the wrong way? How many “libertarians” out there need to hear the message that they are thoughtless, greedy people who are operating in a delusional context? How many other adjectives can I throw at them before I go over the top?

    How can a guy make any money in this sphere by insulting the money people? How can a guy keep his self respect if he doesn’t insult most of them at one time or another?

    How many of us are reading each other any more anyway?

    August 5th, 2024

    Feliz Cumpleaños

    Chinese NotebookRon Silliman turned sixty today. Not long after I came to San Francisco “to stay,” Steve Gaskin and his disciples folded up the Monday night class and took off like locusts eating their way through communities across the country before arriving in Tennessee to put down roots at the Farm. or maybe they left before I got there.

    I have the same relationship with Ron Silliman

    20. Perhaps poetry is an activity and not a form at all. Would this definition satisfy
    21. Poem in a notebook, manuscript, magazine, book, reprinted in an anthology.
    Scripts and contexts differ. How could it be the same poem?
    22. The page intended to score speech. What an elaborate fiction that seems!
    – from The Chinese Notebook

    Happy birthday, youngster.

    (and thanks to Madame Levy for the hippage)

    August 5th, 2024

    More fun than a frog in a glass of milk

    China Cat Sunflower (1972)

    I Know You Rider (1972)

    August 5th, 2024

    Depleted Stash

    I’m worried that Molly is running out of drugs. How codependent is that? Today marks the sixth week since she was tumbled under the ambulance, broke her hip, lacerated her hind quarters, bruised god knows what… The first few weeks after, she didn’t move much. The next couple of weeks she showed that the hip injury and the right rear leg were really painful. The Vet. put her on Deramaxx and the relief she experienced was amazing.

    The fourth week after her injury, she scarcely could put her right foot on the ground. The fifth week we were traveling and left her boarded in a kennel. They cared for her, kept her quiet, and when we picked her up she was using that leg. She still favors it, but she runs up and down the stairs, plays with her dog friend from down the road a little, tosses her stuffed toys around the living room. She’s recovering and she isn’t in pain. But she’s still on the Deramaxx. The prescription runs out in a few days. The drug has side effects. Worry, worry, worry, worry…

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