August 11th, 2024

going bald, going naked

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  • VibraGrannie is looking inward more than ever these days. I don’t know this woman, yet her prose is so good, her insights so deep, that reading about this most personal experience is like sitting down with a good book, an autobiography, and making friends with the author.

    I’m NOT going to be the kind of sick person who goes ballistic at well-meaning people who awkwardly blurt out the worst possible thing. Because lord knows I’ve always been a world champion at that myself. But I need some more time to think about the whole issue of the clown shoes. I’m still undecided in that arena.

    and later…

    Only a 45 minute wait for the Admit (pronounced ADD-mitt), about 20 papers to sign, a $100 down payment, got my wrist band, and then I trotted straight up to the nice clean quiet fifth floor. That’s where they do ambulatory surgery and chemo.

    I opted to sit over on the Group W bench with all the cancer baldies, instead of on the other side with the innocent-until-proven-guilty biopsy targets, where I should have been. This was an impulsive act of wild & crazy optimism on my part, and yes, I know it was cultural appropriation. Because, right or wrong, I already secretly knew what you do to bond when you encounter a cancer baldie…

    August 11th, 2024

    fear itself

    Amplifying the message from ze Frank in yesterday’s brilliant show, Norm Jenson says,

    Did you ever think that George Bush is completely fucked up. Even as he complains about how the the cut and run crowd is putting us at risk he’s cheerleading for the run and hide crowd. We all know what the risks are. We don’t need some inarticulate clown telling us the world is a dangerous place. Ze Frank is right we’re more likely to die in an automobile accident than as a victim of terrorism, and heaven help him George is more likely to fall off his bike or choke on a pretzel.

    Dave Winer had this to say:

    Yesterday’s Ze Frank wasn’t funny, but it was right on. Listen carefully to the words President Bush uses, and decide for yourself who the real terrorists are.

    And this,

    NY Times editorials are almost never funny, but today’s editorial about the politics of terror in the US shows how our Vice-president was already playing politics with this latest round of news even before we knew about it, but when he certainly knew it was coming. Also note yesterday’s news was completely managed by the US and British governments. How much faith do you have in their honesty? Why? Permanent link to this item in the archive.

    August 11th, 2024

    Reading Shelley

    Rather than list all the things I wouldn’t know if I didn’t read Shelley, I’ll simply point to the emergence of Gottfried the Intern at Valleywag. This makes the second time I’ve managed to amplify the universal derision associated with Arrington’s Web 2.0 techumentary without stooping to view it. Pray for me… I was tempted after reading Beth Gottfried’s report.

    August 11th, 2024

    J. Alva Scruggs, Fractals, the Grateful Dead

    Don’t really know how to do this justice other than saying


    and be prepared for a 110 MB download before the movie starts.

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