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  • This would be it, my last intentional post on the BlogHer experience. I was a 10 percenter. Wherever I went at Blogher, I could look around and count 90% women, 10% men… except my hotel room. There it was 50/50. In the Geeks ‘r Us session, one of the discussion leaders looked around and said, there are a lot of men in the room. Eye of the beholder stuff… I did the count… five out of fifty. As the room filled further it went up to seven out of seventy plus. At the closing keynote there was a slightly higher percentage of men, but I think it was a husband effect.

    I wish I had more time to spend with the people at BlogHer. There were hundreds of interesting folks there and I probably got to say hello to less than 10 percent of them. I’ve already listed and linked to women I met, and tried to communicate the warmth I felt for most of them. This is the guy post.

    I met Bill Humphries, a former Madisonian who knows Dorothea. I think Bill would be fun to sit around and laugh with, but we met between sessions and I was on a mission and my usual INTJ thing cloaked my presence better than the Harry Potter invisibility thing. I have a hard time meeting new people but I push myself through it because who knows, maybe in eight or ten years they won’t be new people anymore and we can sit down and have a few laughs. Take George Kelly… same awkward arc. George and Bill were both personable and pleasant. I was wooden. Oh well.

    I met Robert Scoble for the first time and was impressed by his warmth, something that I don’t always get from his blogging. I also shared a few funny moments with Dave Winer. Dave’s observation about what men and women have in common had me confused about whether it was politically correct to laugh! Dave and I have Berkeley and Madison in common and after about three years of meeting each other from time to time at events like this, we’ve developed a positive feeling for each other, call it friendship. Dave introduced me to J. Craig Williams and Chris Carfi, who I believe has commented here before.

    I shared a table for a while with J.D. Lassica, and I recognized Stowe Boyd and Mark Canter among the folks circulating here and there. I SAW Guy Kawasaki, but lacking a business plan with a reasonable burn rate I didn’t introduce myself.

    I can turn now to Holly’s photo set to refresh my memory… and oh yeah, duhh… Phil Wolff and Steve Garfield were there and I chatted with them and got a picture of Steve and his mom.

    Short term memory hasn’t been a strong point for me since early 1967, so if I’ve left anybody off, please don’t be offended.

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    1. No worries, Frank. I was thinking, “oh sh*t, here I am trash talking his work at EPRI, without realizing it.”

    2. Nancy White says:

      Don’t feel alone. As extroverted as people think I am, I felt much of the same akwardness. At some point with so many cool people around me, I went into total mind blank shut down. I’m a wussie!;-)



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