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    Looking for a FAKE FOOD franchise opportunity? Call Kat Herding, North American representative for Fork ‘n Pork FAKE FOOD franchising. Kat promotes a new Asian business model for franchise development known as the “You can touch it but you can’t eat it” school of food service. The Fork ‘n Pork FAKE FOOD franchise cuts franchisee capital and operating expenses to the bare minimum. A location can be revenue-ready in less than one week after the franchisee’s deposit check clears through the corporate off-shore account. This fast-track process is possible because no kitchen, cooking, refrigeration, or food preparation is required to serve the delicacies on the Fork ‘n Pork FAKE FOOD menu. Staff sizes are cut in half, compared to the usual preparation intensive fast food operation.

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    Each menu item is cunningly crafted of high quality wax, allowing the restaurant to serve it over and over and over. If a new customer makes the mistake of biting into one of these tasty looking treats, a simple re-molding process by the “chef” will make that entree look good as new and ready for service to the next customer. Studies of table turn-over have shown that besides a surly maitre d’, nothing moves customers in and out more expeditiously than fast service and inedible fare. Fork ‘n Pork has removed the stigma from these qualifiers. While the resin cast tables and chairs, each with a colorful corporate logo, may give the appearance of a low end operation, customers will be pleased that they’re not allowed to bus their own tables. The inventory control systems and service practices of a Fork ‘n Pork FAKE FOOD franchising do not at this time allow food court locations.

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    Fork ‘n Pork FAKE FOOD brings fresh meaning to the old saying “An hour later and you’re hungry again.”

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    1. Doug Alder says:

      Shut up and take my money 😉

    2. Frank Paynter says:

      Send five dollars (US).

    3. Doug Alder says:

      Cheque’s in the mail 🙂



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