A Man A Plan A Canal Ekalaka Lake

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  • The most successful small online publications are not only well written, but also well planned. And no matter how blog-savvy the publisher, all good plans require revision from time to time. I recently visited Ronni Bennett’s “Time Goes By” to steal some ideas, and I discovered that she’s doing a major re-design in order to better serve people with mobile devices. When she started blogging twelve years ago not too many of her visitors arrived via smart phone. Now… well, time goes by. Things change.

    I asked Facebook friends what I could write here that they would find interesting. There was general agreement that Taco Tuesday is out. Tuba Tuesday, however, received a couple of up-votes–so fine… we have Tuesdays covered. What about the rest of the week? Basically, I get that alliteration is key. For example, how many readers would be lured by a promise of Postmodern Literary Deconstruction Wednesdays? Not too many is the answer, and I think it’s clear why: NOT ALLITERATIVE! So here’s what’s on the Listics Review menu for the near future:

    • Mellow Mondays–who needs to start the week all ranty? Not us!
    • Tuba Tuesdays–big, bold, brassy!
    • Woeful Wednesdays–want something to accentuate those mid-week blues? Check in here on Woeful Wednesdays to find out what everyone is whining about.
    • Thoughtful Thursdays–so many people, so much knowledge, so many opinions and beliefs. You can see why we would wait until Thursday to get all the truthiness sorted out.
    • Foody Fridays–not just corn dogs, I promise!
    • Wonderful Weekends–here in Southern California each weekend is as wild, wacky, and wonderful as the last. Don’t you just love it?
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    3 comments on “A Man A Plan A Canal Ekalaka Lake
    1. Doug Alder says:

      In honour of Foody Fridays I present Mascarpone Madness

      per serving

      2 slices toasted light Rye bread
      2 eggs
      Mascarpone cheese
      Pecorino Romano
      Peri Peri Sauce


      Poach the eggs – leave yolk runny (approx 3.5-4 minutes)
      Butter the toast and slather with Mascarpone cheese
      Place a poached egg on top of each slice of toast
      Grate a good Tbsp of Pecorino on top of each egg
      Drizzle Peri Peri on top of each egg (caution Peri Peri is fairly hot but the Mascarpone soothes it)

      Optional Decadence – Bacon

    2. Doug Alder says:

      It was 🙂



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