The AP reports a couple of firings and an executive resignation at the walled city of AOHell. It’s a good time to be job hunting. A bad time for me to be criticizing Calacanis land. I’m all pumped up over the possibility of writing a little for WeblogsInc. I was looking at the titles of draft posts here at listics… wondering if any will fit:

  • Meanness
  • Middle finger
  • Dog farts
  • Thanks Jay Rosen
  • Soylent Diesel
  • Fundamentalism, forgiveness, and the zeitgeist of pleasure

Those are just a few of the false starts that haven’t found their way forward into listics. I hope there’s a place for them at WeblogsInc! Ahhh… probably not. Ed Sanders never found favor in Parade magazine either.

Speaking of whom:

thanks to woods lot
…as always, thanks to Mark Woods

Elsewhere and else-when I was led to this picture by Ronni Bennett… quite a resemblance I thought.


I wonder if you write for them if you’re allowed to poke fun at them too?