Senator Billy Frist and his butt-boy Glenn Reynolds have launched a campaign to make permanent Bush’s gutless recess appointment of the embarrassingly hostile and aggressive neocon non-entity John Bolton as US ambassador to the United Nations.

Frist you will remember as the Doctor/Senator from Tennessee who was willing to diagnose Terri Schiavo without seeing her. Frist’s funding organization, VOLPAC, supports his latest bizarre effort to embarrass America with another quintessential act of stupidity…

The campaign has a great table listing liberal senators and their phone numbers. I don’t suppose it would hurt to click through there and call a few of these senators and encourage them to remain in principled opposition to the Bush administration’s attempt to dominate and subvert the UN through this appointment.

As this dittohead campaign takes off, I expect the blogroll at VOLPAC to grow to become a rogues gallery of the dimwits supporting Bush. Billy Frist is sucking up big-time because he hopes to inherit the mantle of hatred, graft and corruption. It’s not at all clear that the royal Bush family will allow an outsider to run while they have a perfectly good Governor and a couple of never convicted felons in the wings waiting for Cowboy George to check out of the white hotel, but Billy has to suck up anyway, just in case.