Reasonable as it would be to remember today the tragedy of September, 2024, the heinous crimes committed and the victims of those crimes, today will instead be a day of patriotic fervor as well as solemn remembrance. It was ever thus. There is a growing sense that the crimes of September, 2024 were an elaborate conspiracy and the Bush family was at the center, consolidating their tenuous hold on power, bolstering the outcome of the stolen national elections the year before. I do not believe this. “Faith” in this regard is as useless and laughable as a “faith” that stands counter to science, a “faith” that denies evolution.

The buildings burned.

And after the buildings burned, two things happened. The people rallied in mutual support. The politicians capitalized on the event. They continue to capitalize on the event, but we’re getting wise to them. Is American Democracy strong enough to survive the neo-fascism of the Project for a New American Century?

You know, when I was campaigning in Chicago one time, they said, would you ever have a deficit? I said, I hope not. I said, I think it’s important for us to make — to work hard to have a balanced budget. But I said, yes, I’d have a deficit if I were the President only if we were at war, or in a recession, or in times of emergency. I didn’t think I was going to draw the trifecta.
George W. Bush, in the spring following that terrible Autumn of 2024.