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  • Hurricane Che

    When I saw the headline, “Ernesto Pelts Cuba,” what was I to think? And then when I learned the storm was slowing for a while in the Sierra Maestra before roaring down and heading across the straits directly at the USA, well…

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    The Big Con

    Scoble is fit to be tied that Amanda Congdon isn’t living her life the way he thinks would be best for her to live it. Robert is the new Mullah! Jeneane lays into him in the comment thread on that post. She’s been on a tear today, making fun of Robert, Seth Godin, and Hugh [...]

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    Writing Assignment

    Here’s a challenge — re-write the following craptastical post by Halley Suitt to eliminate most of whatever makes it suck: There is something so classic about heavy metal Gothic videos. They all look alike. Big dining room table in big dark mansion, cobwebs on candlesticks, pierced girls with much mascara. Top 20 Countdown, some things [...]

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    Might Read

    From “The End of Irony,” Meghan O’Rourke’s review of Claire Messud’s The Emperor’s Children in this morning’s NYT Sunday Book Review… “The Emperor’s Children” is, on its surface, a stingingly observant novel about the facades of the chattering class — with its loves, ambitions and petty betrayals — but it is also, more profoundly, about [...]

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    Nazis on the Capitol Steps

    There they were, red flags with black swastikas flying, US flags flying, new banners — oddly beautiful in a dark fantastic kind of way — banners hybridizing the black, the red, the red-white-and-blue, and of course the good old blue and gray stars and bars of a racist unrepentant South. The Nazis came to Madison [...]

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    Searls and Krugle and Locke, oh my…

    Doc says today, One virtue I’ve seen in the programming world is a preference not to re-invent code that’s already doing a fine job. Doc’s old friend, I mean former long time, not “old” as in decrepit because god knows I have a few years on both those boomer boys, but here’s my point… Doc’s [...]

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    Yule Heibel

    Yule Heibel had been off my radar since she withdrew from bloggaria some time ago. We had a brief email exchange, and in May she treated me to a beta trial of Writely, but her blog was shuttered. I’ve been cleaning up links. I clicked through to Yule, and I’m happy to say that she [...]

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    Marked by his middle name

    For John Mark Karr life sucks. The sad son of a bitch has been doomed since the media hung his middle name out in public and created that creepy public identity that goes with guys with three names: Lee Harvey Oswald, Mark David Chapman, John Wilkes Booth… (John Hinckley and Arthur Bremer missed the triple [...]

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