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  • Best Waxing in Toronto

    Roza’s Esthetics (Bloor West Village) “It’s cheap, quick and less painful than anywhere else I’ve ever been.” Beauty tip courtesy of Miss Chickie, personally stalked by yours truly after seeing the chickadvisor preview flash “Hotlist” animation at Allied. I wonder what BMO thinks…

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    BlogHer France….

    On the occasion of the publication of photos from BlogHer France I am feeling all literate and shit. The images of these young bloggy-bloggers blogging has inspired me to poetry. Lacking the verbal facility to whip up a good poem for you today… it’s one of those days when I can’t remember people’s names… have [...]

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    Free Beer

    These lists of “best freeware utilities” are too interesting to lose track of. A lot of guys would bookmark them on del.icio.us or in their browser. Not me. I’ll use my web log instead. (This is some kind of old school thing, like before the artists, the pomos, and the squirrels took over the tech)… [...]

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