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  • Nazis on the Capitol Steps

    There they were, red flags with black swastikas flying, US flags flying, new banners — oddly beautiful in a dark fantastic kind of way — banners hybridizing the black, the red, the red-white-and-blue, and of course the good old blue and gray stars and bars of a racist unrepentant South. The Nazis came to Madison [...]

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    Searls and Krugle and Locke, oh my…

    Doc says today, One virtue I’ve seen in the programming world is a preference not to re-invent code that’s already doing a fine job. Doc’s old friend, I mean former long time, not “old” as in decrepit because god knows I have a few years on both those boomer boys, but here’s my point… Doc’s [...]

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    Yule Heibel

    Yule Heibel had been off my radar since she withdrew from bloggaria some time ago. We had a brief email exchange, and in May she treated me to a beta trial of Writely, but her blog was shuttered. I’ve been cleaning up links. I clicked through to Yule, and I’m happy to say that she [...]

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