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    There is so much high level bullshit to rail against one scarcely knows where to start. When was the last time a country made a commitment and kept it past the next general election? Screw Israel and screw the Hezbollah. Screw Lebanon, screw Iraq, screw Saudi Arabia, screw Iran, screw North Korea, screw the nasty [...]

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    Well Done!

    Congratulations to Gillian Gunson and the Thunder Panties for a marvelous showing in this year’s Underwear Affair. Congratulations to everyone who contributed too. Sorry to have stiffed you, Gillian, but I’ll be a contributor next year for sure in the struggle to defeat all those cancers below the waist.

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    Heute Palestine and Iraq, morgen ganz der Welt

    Bulldozed crops, destroyed homes, constant threat of violence 3 million people under the longest military occupation in modern history 35 years of Israeli oppression IDF checkpoints miserable curfew horrible way to live life torture ill treatment detention without charge human rights violations by israeli forces war crimes That’s Palestine… what do the Israelis have in [...]

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    How do we deal with matters of personal privacy when as public bloggers we are commited to honesty and transparency? Sometimes it works simply to step away from the keyboard for a while. Tom Shugart is back with further thoughts. It’s good to see you Tom!

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    Arianna Huffington talks like Zsa Zsa

    …and Ponzi’s got the look. See what happens when the spacebar breaks? thephotoshop: Thelma&Louisecar insteadofthelma&louise it’sDaveWinerdrivinginabigbadwolfgetup andScoblewithahuge(huge)videocam backseat’spackedwithmommybloggers wearingsexyshoeswhoshouldhavebeenincollege andponzi*coughZsaZsa*LargeFont andcandy andlesbians

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