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  • Money and traffic and readers and more

    We write. Most of us are long-tail writers web publishing for free. Few of us connect to the trad publishing world, fewer still have writing careers. I for one would take money. I would like a lot of people to read my work. Some of it is work. Writing at its best for me is [...]

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    Feliz Cumpleaños

    Ron Silliman turned sixty today. Not long after I came to San Francisco “to stay,” Steve Gaskin and his disciples folded up the Monday night class and took off like locusts eating their way through communities across the country before arriving in Tennessee to put down roots at the Farm. or maybe they left before [...]

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    More fun than a frog in a glass of milk

    China Cat Sunflower (1972) I Know You Rider (1972)

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    Depleted Stash

    I’m worried that Molly is running out of drugs. How codependent is that? Today marks the sixth week since she was tumbled under the ambulance, broke her hip, lacerated her hind quarters, bruised god knows what… The first few weeks after, she didn’t move much. The next couple of weeks she showed that the hip [...]

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