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  • going bald, going naked

    VibraGrannie is looking inward more than ever these days. I don’t know this woman, yet her prose is so good, her insights so deep, that reading about this most personal experience is like sitting down with a good book, an autobiography, and making friends with the author. I’m NOT going to be the kind of [...]

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    fear itself

    Amplifying the message from ze Frank in yesterday’s brilliant show, Norm Jenson says, Did you ever think that George Bush is completely fucked up. Even as he complains about how the the cut and run crowd is putting us at risk he’s cheerleading for the run and hide crowd. We all know what the risks [...]

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    Reading Shelley

    Rather than list all the things I wouldn’t know if I didn’t read Shelley, I’ll simply point to the emergence of Gottfried the Intern at Valleywag. This makes the second time I’ve managed to amplify the universal derision associated with Arrington’s Web 2.0 techumentary without stooping to view it. Pray for me… I was tempted [...]

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    J. Alva Scruggs, Fractals, the Grateful Dead

    Don’t really know how to do this justice other than saying CLICK HERE and be prepared for a 110 MB download before the movie starts.

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