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  • A blogger needs a little help

    Liz, at Granny Gets a Vibrator, has lung cancer. She doesn’t smoke. She’s not real well off. Her son has set up a PayPal account here. He’s the kind of kid that used to volunteer for Barbara Lee in Berkeley before he moved to Portland. You can trust this kid. Reasons you should donate to [...]

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    For my friend who still wants to quit

    Jeneane — two years quit — might enjoy these poems. Madame Levy led me to them.

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    Second Front

    Shelley Powers offers compelling observations on the Bush doctrine of unrelenting fear and misery… We now have a new government-mandated fear. This time the enemy won’t let us down: it won’t take down the walls. It will be nebulous, and undefeatable, made more so by our own actions. We, the last of the generation of [...]

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    Binary Bullshit

    (The following shows I’m having an off day. Sorry, but you know how to click on out of here.) The older I get, the harder it gets… I should say, the more difficult it gets truly to get aroused to passionate concern about other people’s bullshit. So, the fact that some effete snob is sniping [...]

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