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    If I had a scanner I’d scan it in the morning I’d scan it in the evening All over that land… (I do have a picture of Anne Galloway‘s ear somewhere around here, a picture taken at the University of Chicago, the tutor was there, he’ll vouch for the provenance… a picture which I will [...]

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    Back door draft

    From The Guardian… The US marine corps has been forced to call up its reserves for compulsory service in Iraq and Afghanistan because it has not been able to find enough volunteers – a reflection of the strain the two wars are putting on America’s armed forces. The marines’ involuntary call-up, seen as a “back-door [...]

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    Arrogance Checklist

    (From Collin Brooke, via Barbara Ganley, via Technorati search for JP Rangaswami’s “Confused of Calcutta.“) It’s a good post, tight enough that it’s hard to excerpt without turning it into chopped meat, but the following chunklets I found particularly appealing. It’s easy to come off … as someone who’s already figured it all out — [...]

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