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  • Nick Lemann bites monkey ass

    I think one of the critical distinctions between the competitive world of journalists and the interlinking collaborative and collegial world of bloggers is obvious from this very sentence. I need say no more, but you may want to read Jon Lebkowsky’s thoughts, and Jay Rosen’s. I imagine Nick was kind of wedging his way in [...]

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    Walrus of Love

    I need a Barry White CD. meanwhile, http://myspace.com/birdfluent is unreachable tonight… thousands of fan-geeks jamming the tubes of the Internets… Lots of Second that Emotion Tracks available for on Napster. I like this one. I mean I love Smokey but Garcia and Saunders go on for eleven minutes while the motown track is like less [...]

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    Quick Lynx

    Holly has a sweet (the way Ben says it, not the way my mom used to say it) video of BlogHer. It’s about a minute long. Melanie drills down into what it means to be Childfree with a link to this Wikipedia article. Jeneane logs a post in the scrapbook for Jenna. Combing my traffic [...]

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