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  • Squad Leaders

    Arrington the Insufferable presents a lengthy video featuring a couple dozen of the Web 2.0 Bubble-boys, guys with good ideas and leadership responsibility roughly comparable to that of a corporal in a Marine rifle platoon, although mostly without the killing part. These little shops, eight or ten people who focus on bringing widgets and utilities [...]

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    Snake Preview and Chris Locke’s Bird Fluent

    Check out Chris Locke’s amazing MySpace herpetarium construction. …and here is the promised Snake Preview of Samuel Jackson as the Voice of God in the recent audio remix of the Holy Bible.

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    Strumpette when the lights go on…

    The prolific Doctor Weinberger appears today in Strumpette, with a guest posting on transparency. Among much else, he says, So, all hail transparency… except it’s important that we preserve some shadows. Opaqueness in the form of anonymity protects whistleblowers and dissidents, women being beaten by their husbands, girls looking for abortion advice, people working through [...]

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    David Weinberger reports on an effort called StopBadWare.org that collates information on bad-ware distribution and — through a partnership with Google — pops you out on a warning page when you attempt to click through to a badWare site from a Google search… a little something to protect you before you get suckt into downloading [...]

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