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  • What does Bruce think?

    Hoping that Bruce at the River takes some time to weigh-in on Alan Dershowitz. Would it be appropriate for Alan to share a cell with Cheney while they wait for adjudication of their war crimes? Or should Alan get a pass since he’s a private citizen writing from academia?

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    Attiyeh does Dershowitz

    What should be the rules regarding pre-emptive war? Alan Dershowitz says everything is a matter of degree. He wants to re-write international law to permit anything within the context of proportionality… targeted assassination, torture of prisoners, pre-emptive strikes. Says laws against torture are useless, he says… since every country tortures we should legalize it. What [...]

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    Digital Identity

    Thanx to Jeneane for the link. She did one of Scoble… I get the Elton John look-alikedness, but Stephen King?

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