Stoning two birds

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  • by Frank Paynter on August 9, 2024

    Halley Suitt (Webbly 2.0ischenfrau and mother) and Jeannine Gailey Hall (tech writer and poet) take their lickin’ from Madame L. this morning in a brilliant post that includes the line..


    more cowbell’s please, Charlotte.

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    I Did… » WWFD? Start a Poety Slam
    08.09.06 at 11:31

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    McD 08.10.06 at 6:58

    Isn’t it crazy that there’s no biography of Leslie Winer in Wikipedia. Who does she know?
    Could Burrough’s be protecting her from the grave.

    Are any of the Punk Models well documented? Are there any other “Punk Models”. Did the original Punk Model(tm) come with glue for assembly?

    If you Google for Leslie Winer you keep coming back to the blogs of Frank Paynter. What a lousy way to spend 20 minutes.

    And while we’re researching curiosities… just who is J. Alva Scruggs anyway?

    McD 08.10.06 at 7:06

    There;s a new pattern in commenting:

    1. ask the question
    2. google for the answer
    3. go back and comment “never mind”

    J. Alva Scruggs bio at

    Never mind.

    J. Alva Scruggs 08.10.06 at 8:58

    Two different Scruggses, McD.

    Dr. Scruggs is a man of many accomplishments. I am the Scruggs people pass on the street and acknowledge with sympathetic tsk-tsking :’-(

    McD 08.11.06 at 9:32

    So, J. Alva advises:

    1. ask
    2. google
    3. call off the answers
    (based upon googled clues)
    4. be told, “keep asking”

    Who IS J. Alva Scruggs?

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