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  • Renewed my Flickr Pro account today. It’s been free since I don’t remember when. Reviewing my account details I see that I gave meg a Pro account in 2024. She didn’t upload much before she passed away, but she did upload some stuff that last week in June 2024. Particularly poignant was this picture titled “backyard” and captioned “Planting more seeds today.” Poor meg didn’t live to see her seeds sprout.

    I liked Flickr better when it was free.

    There’s a live webcam streaming from the show floor at Super Computing 2024 in Austin today.

    The extremists on the right are freaking out about Eric Holder’s appointment as Attorney General.

    The Obama-Biden detailed agenda for change is back up at

    Here is President-elect Obama with a message on climate change that he delivered yesterday to the Global Climate Change Summit in Los Angeles:

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