It’s butt boys all the way down…

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is retiring from the Senate at the conclusion of this Congress, and will immediately begin the daily grind of running for president. As he travels through Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina as well as other points on the long road to the White House, he’ll be crossing paths with and sooner than we know it debating Senators John McCain and George Allen, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and perhaps a handful of others. — Hugh Hewitt

Yesterday Glenn Reynolds stroked Senator Billy Frist who was stroking President George (“pretzel guy”) Bush. As I predicted, the daisy chain is forming…

Sucking up first and proud to be butt boys for Instant Pandit:

  • The oddly named (for a butt boy) John Hinderaker, whose inaugural post in the Bolton crusade makes much of the phone list that Billy Frist’s PAC provides in hope of hectoring the opposition. I remind you that it’s a great phone list, and that there’s no reason for people of good will and people of conscience not to use it to call their Senators and thank them for standing firm against the Bolton nomination. Hinderaker pulls a few facts out of his own butt though. For example, he avers that Billy’s PAC is keeping track “of phone calls made by pro-Bolton callers.” Actually, it’s keeping track of calls made but there’s no way for Billy to know who placed how many calls or whether they were pro or con as re. the Bolton nomination. I registered a few of the calls I’ve made in support of maintaining a principled opposition.
  • Barbarrossa, Locked On and Tracking
  • Jasmius, Hard Starboard
  • Atlas [no shit] Shrugs
  • Parker Novak, Viking Spirit
  • … and thirty or more other adolescent fantasists, most of whom are simply caught up in the neocon circle jerk, but all of whom sincerely WANT to be promoted out of the circle to full butt boy status.
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  1. Doug Alder says:

    Time to buy stock in Johnson & Johnson or Lever Bros.;) (makers of KY jelly and Vaseline)



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