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  • by Frank Paynter on March 12, 2024

    Life in the country provides room for expansive expression. Walking with the dog I often find myself singing. The lyrics don’t matter and the tunes are either my own or oldies that emerge from my mind to match my pace. Walking on the road with Molly, singing something like “Nooncy nooncy bow-wow, doggy-doggy doo…” to the tune of Lily Marlene, one is occasionally overtaken by a silent riding bicyclist and the illusion of privacy is dispelled.

    “Loony old man,” thinks the bicyclist.

    “I wonder if I should podcast these tunes,” thinks the loony old man.

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    madame l. 03.12.08 at 2:47

    jah. know the feeling. rock on. this: for your viewing pleasure in the meantime. i apologise if you’ve seen it. “and twice for beyonce.”

    slightly off top, but i was reading rangaswami the other day, as you do, and watched something he pointed to on youtube and i got a sudden urge to hear “raglan road”. but not just any “raglan road”, the chieftains van morrison version. no idea why, but i Had to hear it. haven’t heard it in years. in any case, i spent hours looking for it in any form. no luck. even torrent-wise. i got nothing. does someone have an mp3 of it they could post, like for a minute, or email it to me? i promise to erase it.

    Frank Paynter 03.12.08 at 5:57

    Just talked to a kid in Kansas City who MIGHT have a copy that he’ll bring with him this Saturday when he drops in.

    tamarika 03.14.08 at 5:29

    Beautiful! Frank and Madame Levy. You both make me so happy. I sing stuff like that often, Frank. Inside and outdoors - and especially with little children.

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