23rd March 2008

The Trouble with Peeps

We had a little Easter basket on the dining room sideboard — jelly beans, a chocolate/coconut “nest,” a couple of large chocolate bunnies for ear nipping on an Easter afternoon, and of course a few Peeps. If I lived alone, there would be no Peeps in the basket, but Beth has a taste for them at a certain age, and so they are part of our annual tooth-decay ritual.

Imagine my surprise to learn that in the night a certain dog had stood on her hind feet and with what must have been heroically athletic tongue-work managed to enjoy a lot of the candy near the front of the basket. Casualties included the chocolate/coconut nest and two Peeps. The first Peep she must have pretty much inhaled, as they do. The second was found on the floor, bitten in half and discarded. Too much of a good thing, I wondered; or, more likely, Peeps are an acquired taste and even the dog hates them.

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