3rd March 2008

Church and State

Rapture ready… Joe Lieberman, Tom DeLay, and Rick Santorum, three of the most disgusting politicians of this or any era, pandering to the bizarro US christian right-wing, make cameo appearances in this little eye opener.

Lieberman, in the service of his most important constituent, General Dynamics, provides the thermonuclear capability for the holocaust that accompanies the christian “Armageddon.” DeLay and Santorum? Christ knows what those marginalized amoral, unethical losers provide. But they are there, talking up the end of the world and how they can help hasten it by igniting war in the middle-east.

Jews will be particularly pleased affected to hear that Pastor Hagee and his followers pray constantly for “the whole Jewish race.”

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3rd March 2008

Disturbingly pointy hair and boots, with flugelhorn…

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