15th March 2008

Jill Bolte Taylor

Zo links to Taylor’s talk at TED.  Amazing stuff!  Shakes some positive reality into the discussion of the bicameral mind of the individual.  Not at all like the cultural anthropology of Jaynes’ pop-science that provided a hook on which to hang the classic, “Sects and Death.”

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15th March 2008

Turdus migratorius - a tragedy in seventeen syllables

Harbinger of spring

Red breast reflecting sunlight
Lies dead in the road

* * *

This is a true story. Really. A few days ago I chatted with a clerk about the warming weather. We agreed the robins weren’t back yet, but with cranes on the marsh and geese flying north it wouldn’t be long now. Yesterday I saw a flock of blackbirds wheeling over the field, but no robins.

Today, as I headed west on a country road, I saw my first robin — dead. Several others were on the south-facing slope, hopping about, looking for the early worms.

I guess nobody told it to beware.

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