5th March 2008

Scuppies or just SCUM?

“Socially Conscious Upwardly Mobile People” have been branded Scuppies and given permission to feel good about themselves. I get it about the acronym — “Scuppie” rhymes with “Yuppie” and everyone wishes they had ridden that train! “SCUMPie” just lacks a certain je ne sais quoi.

But consider the website: we’re informed that there are “GRAPHICS AVAILIBLE,” but seriously, even if you’re only selling green guppies to scummy yuppies, wouldn’t you use a spell checker?
I’ve read and re-read content from that site and I can’t decide whether it is intentionally satirical or an ironic Ourobouros of one huckster’s delusion feeding on itself.

Let me flash a few images at you,

…socially conscious outlets like Whole Foods and The Body Shop … downright fashionable to be concerned about global warming and the plight of the Amazon rainforest, to support organic farming and the rights of workers in Third World countries … achieve status is to trade in the Beemer for a Toyota Prius, spend $50,000 putting solar panels on your roof, and acquire a chic new wardrobe fashioned entirely of organic cotton, hemp and soy fiber … “Gordon Gekko has gone green” … shopping on the internet for solar-powered bird feeders and dining-room tables carved from 100-year-old recycled Brazilian mahogany …

Okay. I don’t have to be much of an analyst finally to gather that this is one guy’s delusion of how to add to the cash flow through meme propagation and book sales that will inevitably follow. I think he pretty much believes his own line, but I’m hoping he thinks he’s pretty funny too. For example:

…it’s okay to have a “My other car is a bicycle” bumper sticker on your Lexus, because you’re making a really important point about personally taking the initiative to reduce greenhouse emissions, even if you’re fibbing a bit and your other car is actually a Volvo wagon.

That’s funny, right?

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5th March 2008

Don’t Cry for me Ashtabula

Some people say Bill Clinton’s trying to be like Juan Peron. Well, I knew him, and Bill Clinton’s no Juan Peron.
– Héctor Aldo

In fairness, Isabel Martínez de Perón succeeded Juan as President of Argentina by virtue of having been elected Vice President and holding that office when he died. She was the first non-royal female head of state in the western hemisphere. Sadly she is now under arrest in Spain for complicity in the disappearance of Argentine leftists in the seventies and not available for comment on the latest husband-wife team to take the political world by storm in America.

Cristina Elizabet Fernández de Kirchner, also an Argentine, is the first wife in history to be elected to succeed her husband (Néstor Kirchner) as president. Based on the results of yesterday’s primaries we may yet see a former President as First Gentleman in the White House. How American!

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