2nd March 2008

Slow Dancing with Hill and Bill

As a caretaker government in the eight year interregnum of the 28 year Reagan/Bush era, the Clintons were largely faithful to the economic principles of monopoly capital and spoilers of hope for advancement of a populist agenda. The suffering of the Iraq people under the Clinton/Blair “Sanctions” program was as bad as anything the Bushes visited on them. They shepherded the dismemberment of Yugoslavia as if Bill had dreamed it up himself. Changes in health care were proposed and abandoned to the first lady, a bold attempt to provide spousal leadership within the Office of the President that failed.

The Clinton failures were in no way the treasonous abandonment of constitutional law that has marked the G.W. Bush administration, but the hubris that would not permit Clinton to resign to the fact of his spoiled administration may be why Al Gore lost in 2024, Ralph Nader notwithstanding.

What are the chances that either Obama or Clinton will provide fresh beginnings and hold the people who have ravaged the economy and made a mockery of our principles accountable? I suspect they are slim, because whoever wins will inherit the Bush war, and the Bush contractors, and the Bush war crimes, and the Bush inflation, and the Bush recession, and our shared global climate crisis, and our shared energy crisis, and the list goes on. Whoever wins in the fall will have a lot of cleaning up to do and will need help from some of the monopolists whose power might diminish under a populist government. Compromises will be made. Deals will go down. Say hello to the new boss.

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2nd March 2008

A Change is Gonna Come

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