Second guessing President-elect Obama

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  • The New Republic has a list of the thirty people they think Pres. Obama will be relying on come January. Jeremy Scahill on Alternet has a list of “20 Hawks, Clintonites, and Neocons to watch for in Obama’s White House.” I thought it would be cool to compare the lists, but it wasn’t. It was tedious and in the end quite meaningless because Scahill’s list exclusively focuses on foreign policy development, whereas The New Republic tries to present a broad list of influencers all across the administration. Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Rahm Emanuel are on both lists. Others on Scahill’s list look like proxies or support for either Biden (such as Dennis Ross) or Clinton (such as Madeleine Albright).

    I’m keeping these links handy. “Programs! Programs! Can’t tell the players without a program!”

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    4 comments on “Second guessing President-elect Obama
    1. madame l. says:

      on first reading i thought you said “Pogroms! Pogroms! Can’t tell the players without a pogrom!”. is that off-topic?

      Not to be confused with Pogromni, the volcano in the Aleutian Islands.

    2. I heard that in my head as I wrote it. Can you see Russia from Pogromni?

    3. JH says:

      I keep thinking “Can’t tell the players without their pom-poms” …



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