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by Frank Paynter on August 12, 2022

Ronni’s been at Gnomedex but she didn’t blog it herself. Her presentation was streamed, but I can’t find a copy of it yet. Tris Hussey shared a few notes here. PC Mechanic covered her presentation here. William Smith at Sugar Attack shared this picture. She got a nice nod in the Seattle Post Intelligencer online article. Notes by Matthew Gifford

Going Like Sixty says:

So I was twittering on the laptop and watching the live stream of Gnomedex (what a bunch of propeller heads) and chatting on the desktop.

Ronni Bennett from As Time Goes By was one of the speakers, and of course she was the only one I missed. I tuned out pretty early from some of the others. Those are available on youtube.com. Ronni Bennett is not. They talk to people in the hallway and that’s available. Ronni Bennett is not. The have video of the party, but not Ronni Bennett’s presentation.

If I was Ronni Bennett and hate ageism as much as she does, I’d be writing about it. We’ll see.

Francine Hardaway has a little video clip titled “Was Gnomedex Worth It?”

I haven’t been to Gnomedex since they left Des Moines. Maybe next year.

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GoingLikeSixty 08.13.07 at 7:19

Thanks for the mention.
Ms. Hardaway’s response kind of sounds like a soft, polite “no” I’m sorry I wasted my money.

Ronni Bennett 08.13.07 at 10:16

This collection of commentary is so nice of you to do, Frank. Chris Pirillo told me at the end of the conference that all the presentations will be posted online in about a week.

I’m on vacation until the end of this week, visiting my brother in Portland, Oregon. I promised myself a real vacation, no online stuff except what’s necessary (you can see by this that I’m already slipping a little on that vow), but I’ll have a lot to say about Gnomedex next week when I return to regular posting at TGB.

It was a terrific conference. I met a lot of new people, put faces with names I know from their blogs, learned a lot and moved elderblogging forward on several fronts.

All to be posted in due time.

Thanks again for the collection, Frank.

Frank Paynter 08.13.07 at 12:34

Hi Ronni! I wanted to hear about what you shared at Gnomedex so I indulged in this little bit of Google Elder-stalking. I’m eager to see the presentation when it’s made available. Sounds like it had some dramatic demonstrations of what it’s like to be an elder internet user.

Kay Dennison 08.13.07 at 9:49

Great stuff, Frank!!!!!!!!

francine hardaway 08.14.07 at 2:14

Well, it would depend on what business you are in. I coach companies for growth, and for me Gnomedex was sheer fun — wanted to find out what a Gnomedex was like. If I were a professional blogger, who could monetize my Gnomedex experience, it might be different. But my blog couldn’t support my Starbucks habit :-)
Still, I loved it. That doesn’t mean I can’t do a cost-benefit analysis. On the human side, it was worth it just to meet Ronni Bennett, and re-meet Michael Markman.

Claude 08.15.07 at 4:09

You might be interested in Joared’s post entitled Gnomedex Proud Elder Blogger
Joared has watched Ronni’s presentation and describes it with her comments.

Thanks for all the links.

Frank Paynter 08.15.07 at 8:16

Thanks for link to Joared, Claude. It’s a great post.

Joared 08.15.07 at 11:22

Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments. Am enjoying reading your collection here. Am looking forward to Ronni’s Gnomedex perspective when she returns.

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