Ass tweeting…

I forget who called whom, but I learned about the concept of ass dialing from Liz Ditz a couple of years ago.  Now it seems that communications have evolved to the point of ass tweeting.  I’m proud to be a 21st century digital native, aren’t you?

Unhung zeroes

a paper titled “Why Dilatation Generators Don’t Generate

Dilatations.” We had read a written version but hoped that his talk would help

(Which was arrived by applying uncertainty around zero/a point.)
You make a PLAN “B”.
There are more amateurs then professionals.
You therefore, organize a party and ask everybody to come with anything that they can find that does not break the Planck scale.
If there is anything that looks promising then it can be pursued further.
The professionals have the abilities and tools to do more than the amateurs.
Most professionals will not be interested or inclined to look for a PLAN “B”.

eentsy weentsy distances and eentsy weentsy intervals defining the smallest possible alternate universes and of course the incredibly swift passage of a photon across the distance between them…

order me up some squarks order me up a slepton, perchance to dream on, and my imagination will thrive upon that kiss
Sweetheart I ask no more than this…

“What about the positivity of the spectral function?” Indeed, what about Skeletor himself?

Goose Island Ramblers

Google returns about 1,260 hits for “Goose Island Ramblers” yet there is no Wikipedia entry for the locally famous band.  I suppose I could begin the documentation, but then I’d probably have to create a new Glen and Anne’s page and a Polkabilly page and god knows what… probably an In Heaven There is No Beer page.

Yes, Nick Carr, it is tragic that the Montahue Jetson page has been demoted to a referrer entry for the main Jetson’s page, but consider the Ramblers who have no page of their own.  There is work to do if we truly mean to make this the source of all important knowledge.

Bears repeating…

I wrote this a year ago and nothing much has happened to change my mind…

It’s not about the shallow nature and the greed of the second generation brass-ring boys seeking to spin straw into gold. It’s not even so much about the immutability of the straw, although that’s a big part of it. What it’s about is the commodity nature of the widgets that the brass-ring boys seek to capitalize.

In the good old days — say 1997 — there was so much unlaundered mob money floating around in Silicon Valley that no good idea could go unfunded. Since they moved the Bank of America deeper into Christian fundamentalist country and closer to the Florida operation and the off-shore banks, there hasn’t been that much money to launder.

Of course, there are only so many drop shadow logoed, productized widgets with omitted “e”s available to fund, so the decline in drug money to launder matches the decline in products seeking funds, so the burn rates remain about the same, although the general contribution to global warming has declined.

Most of these products are like green beans. They’re tasty with a little buttr, and you can get them anywhere, cheap. Unlike green beans though, they’re mostly based on the characteristics of a current generation of browser and a sense that the whirled wide web is the internet. It’s not, and as tele-immersion applications and the like emerge over the next few years soaking up bandwidth in ways undreamed of by the brass-ring boys, their little dreams of wealth will be dashed. Fortunately for them of course, there will remain a huge market for green beans and they’ll continue to rake a little off the top of every sale, adding value with attitude.

Waldo Tunnel — Mystery Solved!

I thought the hippies did it — painted the rainbows on Marin’s famous Rainbow Tunnel on the Waldo grade just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Seems rather it was done by Alan Hart, a state employee with a vision.

H/T to Brian Hayes for the story.


The value systems of those with access to power and of those far removed from such access cannot be the same. The viewpoint of the privileged is unlike that of the underprivileged.
Aung San Suu Kyi

Blogging Theory

The following came from I’ve simply made it a little more meaningful:

The insurgency represented by web publishing in general and blogging specifically is the representative journalistic form of what Heidegger’s Nietzsche described as the age of “completed nihilism.” In this interpretation, blogging in its mature (nihilistic) phase — sick of itself, possessing no definitive goal, exhausted with the historical burden of remaining an active will, always sliding inexorably towards the nothingness of the will-less will — desperately seeks out a sustaining purpose, an inspiring goal, a historical mission. Into the ethical vacuum at the disappearing center of nihilistic blogging flows a strong historical monism — the New Journalism — that will not be suppressed. To blogging’s empty formalism, to liberal humanism’s (emotionally) ineffective proceduralist ethics, to the empire’s cybernetic equations written in violence and in blood across the landscape of imperial wars, the New Journalism provides a singular historical purpose — the crusading spirit of the pamphleteer which is reconstructionist, resurgent, and reanimated — backed up by the semiotic purity of the foundational work of the pioneers of the form, Rebecca Blood, EatonWeb, and of course Dave Winer.